I will analyze and define your tailor-made customer avatar that sells

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Let me analyze and then define according to your activity, your perfect and tailor-made audience (Customer Avatar) who sells😉

🥳SPECIAL OFFERT🥳 A reduction is immediately granted from now on the order of this service. Fantastic isn't it? Let's go!

Whether you are coach, infopreneur, e-merchant or individual, did you know that it is possible to have a website, a perfectly designed sales tunnel or a online store, while investing a substantial budget in your Facebook Ads advertising campaign, without obtaining satisfactory results?🤷♂️

Several factors contribute to the success of a Facebook Ads advertising campaign, and among them is the choice of your target audience (your Customer Avatar).📌

Indeed, your target audience or Customer Avatar represents the ideal customer profile, perfectly suited to your products or services. These are people who really need what you offer.✅
Your target audience is made up of people who experience the problems your products or services solve, and who also have the necessary buying power.

Imagine an irresistible offer, high quality products or services, a perfectly configured advertising campaign with a substantial budget, but a poorly targeted audience.🤷♂️. It would be like screaming into the void. So you won't get any results because you targeted the wrong people.🤧

Remember that not everyone is your target, so wanting to sell to everyone is like not selling to anyone

The definition of your Customer Avatar is therefore fundamental for a successful marketing strategy.🔥

You must therefore know your ideal target in depth, master all its characteristics in order to take them into account when configuring your Facebook advertising campaign.

You need to know all the characteristics of your target audience: age range, gender, interests, region, behaviors, etc.

And rest assured, all this information is not obtained by simple imagination. It's not about improvising, but about carrying out real marketing research to obtain this information and use it to correctly define your audience.📌

If you fail to define your Customer Avatar, you may be choosing the wrong audience when setting up your Facebook ad campaign. Your advertising message will then be lost to an audience that does not care about you or what you are selling. So you risk losing a lot of money without getting positive results.

If you lack experience in this area, if you don't know how to define your Customer Avatar, if you don't know how to choose a target audience that converts and if you don't want to waste your advertising budget without getting results, I'm the Facebook ad campaign management expert who's here to help you achieve your business goals**.😉**

For only 10 euros instead of 20€ , I will analyze and tailor your audience (Customer Avatar) who sells🤝.

Thanks to this offer, you will obtain, according to your activity and especially your products and services, all the necessary information on your target audience, including the most important characteristics of your Customer Avatar, thus allowing you to your perfect targeting in order to to obtain good results.🔥😉

♻️NB: Once the work is done, you will receive all the information about your perfect customer avatar in a pdf file😊

Why entrust me with this task?

Facebook & Instagram Ads specialist for 4 years, I acquired my expertise on Facebook Ads by working on around fifty projects (Portfolios available) with various E-merchants, Coaches, Infopreneurs, Entrepreneurs, Companies while generating a lot of results and helping them achieve their various objectives. For the moment, I total an advertising expenditure of more than 70k euros.~

To choose me is to choose someone:

📌 who invests 200 % in any project because of his passion and dedication.

📌who has full transparency when working with you. You will always be aware of everything, communication and good understanding will always be at the center of our collaboration.

📌 who, thanks to his years of experience in the field, can respond and manage any type of advertising campaign in any activity, whether you are E-merchant looking for conversions or an entrepreneur looking for qualified leads.

And so with these different qualities I have decided to put all my knowledge at your disposal in order to help you have good results in your different activities because seeing a successful business is always my biggest priority online.🤝

🤷How to order?

♻️To place an order, choose the pack of your choice, then click on the button

"Order". Once the order has been validated, we immediately start working on your project.

So, are you ready to have all the necessary details about your target in order to easily convert them into customers in front of your irresistible offer and generate enough income after launching your Facebook Ads advertising campaign? 🤷

Just place an order and we'll meet on the other side in the chat 😉

Whether before or after order, I am fully available to answer all your concerns. So don't hesitate to contact me about that! 😉

See you soon ! 🤝

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