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**Hello dear customer,**

Do you have your documents to format or format, but you don't have enough time?
Do you need a professional and attractive formatting that makes your texts more digestible?
Do you want to get your documents formatted and laid out in a short time and without sacrificing quality?
***If so, you are probably in the right place and what I have to offer you will not fail to please you.***

## Why is it important to layout and format your documents? ##

*With a document that looks good and is professionally presented, readers are likely to be opened.*

In fact, formatting makes your document easier, faster to access, clearer, and easier to read.

Layout and formatting also make your document or ebook look better.

The thing is, consistency in how you present your document as well as how it's formatted makes it look better, resulting in a better quality document.

A good layout and formatting promotes a better understanding of your document.

Due to consistent formatting, the reader spends less time trying to identify what the document is trying to say, because they know where to find the information they need.

But let's face it, it's a lot and formatting / layout is one of the most tedious tasks you can take care of when you finish writing your document.

If you've already done the hard work of creating rich, stunning content, **why spend even days formatting what might not be up to par with a professional document**? And even devalue all the work you have spent hours doing with passion and love…?

The ideal is to entrust your document to an experienced person, able to highlight it through professional, aesthetic and above all readable formatting / layout.

For this purpose, I offer you my formatting and layout services to save you this huge task and make your document ultra professional.

## Who am I ? ##

I am **Yétongnon Gbaguidi**, a web editor and an office pack specialist (Word, PowerPoint, etc.) and Google tools such as Google Docs, Google Slide, Google Sheet, etc. as well as formatting with Canva.

Thanks to my layout service, I offer you a neat and structured presentation of your documents. Whether it is a Word document, a book, a report or any other type of file, I will ensure that the layout is professional and attractive.

## Why choose me for the formatting and layout of your document? ##

**My experiences**

*During my 6 years of freelance experience, I spent hundreds of hours on my computer editing files of different formats to make them look good.*

*My skills*

During these years of experience, I have acquired many skills and qualities specific to document editing, whether with:

* Microsoft Word ;
* Google Doc ;
* Power Point.

This allows me to do advanced and professional formatting and layouts for different kinds of documents, whether:

* From an e-book;
* From a report;
* From a book;
* A lead magnet;
* From a Memoir;
* A thesis;
* From an agenda;
* A questionnaire or a form;
* Catalonia;
* A portfolio;
* Etc.

**What makes me different**

*Quality, but at a reduced price.*
Being freelance, I offer very low rates compared to agencies while taking care of your order.
Indeed, I apply myself deeply on each order that I receive in order to provide my customers with a professional and aesthetic formatting and layout.

*You are king no matter what you order.*
I give equal importance to all my clients' orders, whether it's a formatting and layout of 10 euros or 500 euros. That said, you will always have with our collaboration a highly qualitative work.

*Freedom to edit.*
My customers are free to make changes or suggestions after delivery when they feel that the implementation does not suit them. All you have to do is submit a touch-up request and I will take care of it as soon as possible.

*Consistency in formatting and layout.*
Formatting consistency, font type and size, page numbering, headers and footers, etc., etc. are all elements that give the document a more professional look.

*Original design and impeccable quality.*

**You have unlimited choice**

An automatic layout to your liking. I automatically format according to the client's choices in terms of writing, size, paragraph style, background, color .....). It's up to you and I format the text to your liking.

Unlimited editing. For changes, I will rework on your document until you are satisfied.

## I support formatting multiple types of documents ##

Lesson sheets
Minutes of meeting
Internship Report
Defense dissertations
Curriculum vitae
Cover letter
Press release
And many other things.

*Good to know*: Promotional offer available and valid until July 30!

## What will you get for 10 euros? ##

For 10 euros, I will format and layout your document from 1 to 5 pages, including:

Font formatting, size, titles, writing, margin…
Creation of header and footer (including pagination.)
Insertion of a complete summary or a table material with references to titles and subtitles
Insert page number
Formatting of your tables and figures in the body of the text.

You will have all this within 48 hours! The final rendering will be delivered in PDF format (or any other format you wish).

## My offers are on sale until July 30! ##
## FAQ ##

**How do I place an order for the layout of my document?**

To place your order, click on order to provide me with the document to be formatted and tell me your specific requirements in terms of layout.

In addition, if you have complex projects that require a particular layout or custom formatting, do not hesitate to contact me to discuss your specific needs.

**Do you offer an express delivery option for urgent projects?**

Yes, we offer an express delivery option for projects that require a quick layout. Please let us know when ordering so that we can arrange for prompt delivery and meet your deadlines.

**What is tab in layout and how do I insert line breaks in a document?**

Tab is a tool used to align text to a specific line and create indents. It helps to visually organize the paragraphs in a document.

To insert line breaks, use the "Shift + Enter" key combination at the point where you want to make the break.

**How to add a table of contents in your document and how to number the pages?**

To add a table of contents, go to the "Insert" tab of your word processor, then select the "Table of contents" option. You can customize the table of contents according to your needs.

To number the pages of a document, go to the "Page Layout" tab of your word processor and look for the "Page Number" option. You can choose to display numbers from the first page or from a specific page.

**How to create a cover page for your document and how to change the margins?**

To create a cover page, go to the "Insert" tab of your word processing software and select the "Cover page" option. You can customize the cover page by adding text, images, or other graphic elements.

To change the margins of a document, go to the "Page Layout" tab of your word processor and look for the "Margins" option. You can choose from predefined margins or set custom margins.

**How to align text in a document and how to make a section break?**

To align text, select the relevant text, then right-click to open the context menu. In this menu, find the "Align" option and choose the desired alignment, such as "Align Left", "Center" or "Align Right".

As for the section break, go to the "Layout" tab of your word processor and look for the "Section break" option. This allows the document to be divided into separate sections with different layout formats.

**How to add page numbers on even pages only and how to change the typography of a document?**

To add page numbers only on even pages, go to the "Page Layout" tab of your word processor, find the "Page Number" option, and choose the "Even Pages Only" or "Odd Only" option, depending on your needs.

As for typography, select the text concerned, then go to the "Home" tab of your word processing software.

In this tab, you can choose a typeface, change the font size, apply styles such as italic or all caps, and adjust line spacing for better readability.

**How to change the line spacing of a document and how to insert page numbers automatically?**

To change the line spacing of a document, open the text editor of your choice, select the text concerned, then look for the line spacing option in the "Format" or "Paragraph" menu. You will be able to adjust the line spacing according to your preferences.

To insert page numbers automatically, go to your text editor's "Insert" tab, find the "Page Number" option, and select where you want the page numbers to appear. The pages will be automatically numbered.

**How to hide unwanted elements in a document?**

To hide unwanted elements, select the text or object concerned, then use the "Hide" option in the "Format" or "Layout" menu.

This will allow you to temporarily remove items from your layout without permanently deleting them.

**How to create a header or a footer in a document?**

To create a header or footer, go to the "Layout" or "View" tab of your text editor and look for the "Header" or "Footer" option. You can then add text, page numbers, or other specific elements to each header or footer.

**How to insert a cover page in a document?**

To insert a cover page, go to the "Insert" tab of your text editor and look for the "Cover Page" option. You can then customize the cover page by adding text, images or other graphic elements.

**How to format a document in a clear and readable way?**

To format a document in a clear and readable manner, use suitable typefaces, appropriate line spacing, clearly defined headings and subheadings, well-structured paragraphs, and visual elements such as bulleted lists or dashes for better content organization.

*See you soon to work on your project!*

I will do an attractive layout

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