I will rework your resume and optimize your letter motive to maximize your hiring rate in French enterprise

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**🚀 LAUNCH OFFER: -50% off the entire service!

⌛10 seconds

That's how long the recruiter will spend on your CV**.

30 seconds if they really need to find someone.

Hop, you're done. You see what I mean? It goes really fast.
And that's more than enough time to get an opinion.

🎁 Here's what we never told you about : The CV 📑

Make me want to know more about you!

❌ Common mistakes:

  • Cutting and pasting from the internet** Inappropriate design
  • Inappropriate design
  • Insufficient experience
  • Spelling mistakes Inconsistency
  • Inconsistency
  • Poor photography Not the right skills
  • Not the right skills Too much text
  • **Too much text
  • Too much empty space

➡️ Well, not incredible, but there's nothing else to hand.

  1. CV ✅
  2. LM ❓
  3. Interview❓

Cover letter. 📃

Make me want to meet you!

❌ Common mistakes:

  • Copy and paste from the internet
  • Unsuitable design**
  • Spelling mistakes**
  • Inconsistency**
  • Non-specific**
  • CV repetition**

➡️ Come on... We absolutely need someone for the job, we'll look the other way.

  1. CV ✅
  2. LM ✅
  3. Interview❓

The interview 🎯

"Do I want to have coffee at 10am in the office with this person?"

Initially, it's a toss-up

❌ Common mistakes:

  • No confidence
  • Poorly dressed
  • Unprepared
  • Repetition of CV & LM

➡️ She really is a nice person and I got a good impression, I'm going to follow up.

  1. CV ✅
  2. LM ✅
  3. Interview ✅

🧠 This scenario won't happen and you know it.

⚠️ But I think it's important you know a few things:

Where you're rejected, you'll probably never get in!

There are endless companies in your area ?
You can afford to be categorized ?
You go for it and too bad for the consequences ?

➡️ It's a very small world, and at parties in the evening, your profile might be posted: "I got a profile the other day 🤣 look!"
And, if you're applying to other companies, "Oh, but that's the one X showed me the other time 🤣 !". You don't even need to go any further!"

You're free to put your career on the line 💼

🏆 Or you can choose to trust someone who knows how it works. 🙋


In 3 years, I've spent 1,000 hours redoing my CV for over 1,000 people and companies.

📈 I've changed my life several times
I worked in Biology Research at the CNRS.
Then I was a financial analyst in Paris.
I now work in quality (ISO 9001 & 22 000 in the food industry).
I have a Master's degree in science.
I'm doing another Master at a ~business school.
Management and recruitment are part of my training.

➡️ You're thinking, "but how with these 'specific' degrees does he have such different experiences?". The answer is simple:

🎯 I've mastered the art of selling myself

😇 Support from A to Z.
🎯 Complete application specific to the company or individual.
🧠 Knowledge of a good CV and LM.
🧠 Knowledge of human resources.
CV from Word 100% by hand.
📄 File to keep track of your applications.
🌈 Colour management and choice for a striking look that suits you.
📈 Identify your contact's "profile" (LIFEHACK)
💥 Personalize for feedback (positive or negative).
👌 Unlimited retouching.
💂 Rigour (you can check everything is arranged alphabetically in my department).
🎁 Passing on my knowledge for your future autonomy.
🖋️ Word & PDF version for editing next time on your own


☑️ element specific to the offer
✅ previous offer element
🎁 Gift


🚀 LAUNCHING OFFER -50% off on the shop

💎 CLASSIC PACK 🚀 €10 ➡️ €5
☑️ In-depth analysis of your CV & LM
☑️ Quick feedback with points for improvement for your oral or written situation
💎💎 COMPLETE PACK 🚀 40€ ➡️ 20€
☑️ 100% creation of a one-page CV (worth €15)
☑️ One-page personalized cover letter (worth 15€)
☑️ Application tracking file (worth €10)
☑️ Word & PDF format
☑️ Full HD
☑️ Unlimited retouching (worth €10)
☑️ Return in less than 48 hours


💎💎💎 PREMIUM PACK 🚀 80€ ➡️ 40€
☑️ Mock interview, and techniques for successful interviews (1h with ComeUp call worth 50€)
✅ 100% creation of a one-page CV (worth €15)
✅ One-page personalized cover letter (worth 15€)
✅ Your application tracking file (🎁 worth €10)
✅ Word & PDF format
✅ Full HD
Unlimited retouching (🎁 worth €10)
✅ Return in less than 48h
☑️ Knowledge transfer (My priceless "HR Profile" training 💎)
🎁 17 E-book on communication with resale rights!

🤝 Have you found what you're looking for?

👏 Once you've chosen the offer of your choice, place an order with me on the ComeUp platform. I'll ask you for a few details to offer you a tailor-made service. Then I'll get back to you, and if necessary I'll go back to the drawing board with more information.


Do you have any questions about the service? Or can't decide what's right for you?
Don't hesitate to contact me, I'll do my best to answer your question as soon as possible. I'll post it here afterwards.

💬 What's your credentials for this service?

➡️ I've spent 3 years looking for completely different experiences to diversify as much as possible, according to my own convictions.

💬 What's in it for me ?

➡️ What's in it for you is that I'm offering a competitive rate for a quality of service that I want to be "top of the range" or "high ticket". I'm offering you a service that will increase your visibility in relation to future recruitments and therefore maximize your chances of getting results.

💬 What are the results ?

➡️ My experience shows that if you're motivated and have the right tools, no door is closed to you!

💬 Do you have any guarantees ?

➡️ As long as the order is not returned, and you have the "unlimited modifications" option, I'll be happy to help you modify your CV and cover letters again and again.

What are you looking for personally?

➡️ I'm looking to establish a relationship of trust between myself and my clients. The aim is to gain your loyalty, as you are reading this answer.
This directly echoes the previous question. I'm aiming for the long term and trust, so I'm going to provide a premium service, so you can visually claim your dream jobs.

💬 What's your language level ?

➡️ I'm French by birth and have a very good level of English (several trips, working in an English-speaking environment, TOEIC B1 (865/995)).

💬How do I place my order? (French only)

➡️ Once you've chosen the service that's right for you, you'll receive instructions in my automated message. I'll give you further details depending on your order.

My other services that might interest you ⬇️

LinkedIn's optimization :

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The final word

You're not just placing an order, you're making an investment! 📈
And an investment yields results.
You're increasing your chances of getting a response, and therefore of getting the job! 📈

It's up to you to decide whether you like the idea of paying a few € to finally get the job of your dreams or not.

I look forward to working for you!

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