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Seeking QUALITY of service, customer SATISFACTION and SPEED of execution, I offer services on Excel, a tool very widely used in business today.


Solve your everyday problems in Excel, correct, set up formulas, formatting, complex calculations to save you time at a lower cost!


Engineer by training, having completed a second Master's degree in Corporate Finance, with a cumulative 6/7 years of experience in start-ups, environments in which I have implemented a large number of models, automated documents and evolving with the growth of the company. The expertise that I wish to bring to you is on the implementation of documents in fast-growing companies, whose needs are changing rapidly, all on financial, strategic, administrative and accounting aspects.


Basic FORMULA (15€)

Basic formula = Correction of a formula or formatting on Excel.


Basic formula +
Implementation of 5 formulas or formatting.


Basic formula +
Implementation of up to 10 dependent formulas representing a complete modeling of a need.

As indicated above, any need for automation on financial, strategic, administrative, accounting and economic aspects will find an answer in the services I offer. These services are at a very low cost despite the work it represents in order to prove to you, for a low level of investment, that you can TRUST me.


All you have to do is contact me, if you are convinced that the services I offer can meet your needs. From my professional experience in business, as well as the many entrepreneurs I have already accompanied elsewhere, I will be able to listen to you and quickly provide a solution to your problems.

My service INCLUDES post-delivery support for the document(s) to facilitate handling, and make alterations if necessary.

Looking forward to working together :)

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