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🤩Allow Me to Enhance Product Authenticity While Boosting Your Sales

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The initial impression is crucial when customers visit your website, and a product photo is the key element to grab their attention and motivate them to make a purchase. That's why I'm here to offer my expertise in enhancing your photos, making them more attractive than ever before!

Whether you're an artisan, drop shipper, or even a blogger, I can assist you in transforming your visuals into true selling assets. With my graphic design skills, I can highlight the unique features of your products and create images that engage and captivate your customers.


Poor product photos can lead to several disadvantages that can harm your business or brand. Here are some of the key drawbacks:
❌1. Poor Impression: A bad product photo can give potential customers a negative impression. They might think the product quality is low, or the company doesn't care about its products, which can discourage them from buying.
❌2. Decreased Sales: Low-quality photos can result in reduced sales. Customers often prefer clear, detailed images of the product before making a purchase decision. Blurry, poorly framed, or unattractive images can discourage customers from buying.
❌3. Lack of Trust: Customers need to trust a business before buying its products. Low-quality photos can convey an untrustworthy image, leading to a loss of trust among consumers.
❌4. Difficulty Conveying Product Features: A bad photo might not highlight important product features. Customers could struggle to understand what they're buying, leading to returns or dissatisfaction.
❌5. Impact on Brand Reputation: Low-quality photos can damage your brand's reputation. Customers might share negative experiences online, affecting the overall perception of your company.
❌6. Reduced Competitiveness: In a competitive market, poor product photos can put you at a disadvantage against competitors with higher-quality images. Customers are more likely to choose products with attractive and informative images.
❌7. Difficulty Attracting Attention: On online selling platforms or social media, images are often the first element that catches users' attention. Poor-quality photos can make your product go unnoticed among others.
So, it's essential to ensure that your product photos are of high quality, well-lit, well-framed, and clearly showcase the product's features. Investing in good product photography can have a positive impact on your sales, reputation, and brand image.
So it is essential to ensure that your product photos are of high quality, well-lit, well-framed, and clearly showcase the product's features. Investing in good product photography can have a positive impact on your sales, reputation, and brand image.


I am Valentine, a digital designer. I possess in-depth expertise in the following domains:

  • ⬇️Branding
  • ⬇️Motion design
  • ⬇️No-code Development
  • ⬇️Video Editing
  • ⬇️Sales Funnel Creation

Throughout my four years of practice, I have continuously enriched my design skills by adapting to the latest technological advancements. My experience has allowed me to master various design software such as Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, Systeme.io.
What Sets Me Apart!
✅My Responsiveness: I respond promptly to all inquiries.
✅My Work Ethic: I have always adhered to the deadlines agreed upon with my clients.
✅My Availability: Listening is one of my essential qualities; I am always available to understand and address my clients' needs.

👌Here are some reviews from satisfied customers about my services:

Marie P 🥰✅
Impeccable and careful work, she respected exactly what I wanted! Thank you very much.
mncl 🥰✅
Flyers_Artinine1 does their work well, serious and attentive. I recommend them.
PierreFont 🥰✅
Very good work.
Allow me to ask you a few questions to fully understand your requirements!
What are the key elements you wish the photos to highlight? Any specific features you'd like to emphasize?
Would you like to explore different angles and perspectives to present your product? Front views, back views, close-ups, etc.?
Do you have a preference for the style or ambiance you want to convey in your photos? Any staging ideas, backgrounds, or artistic directions?
Are there any specific specifications regarding image resolution or format that you would like us to adhere to?
By answering these questions, you'll enable me to better grasp your specific needs and create product photos that faithfully reflect your vision and brand identity. I'm here to guide you throughout the process, applying our expertise to provide high-quality images that captivate your customers' attention and inspire them to explore your products.
The Importance of Having Professional Product Photos!
Professional product photos play a crucial role in the success of online businesses. These high-quality visuals enhance the visual impact of products, instantly capturing the attention of potential customers. Through meticulous presentation, professional product photos highlight features, details, and benefits of items, piquing buyers' interest. The image quality reflects the credibility and dependability of the company, creating a positive impression among customers. Professional product photos offer an engaging and compelling visual experience, motivating visitors to convert into satisfied customers. These SEO-optimized visuals enhance the company's online visibility, thereby boosting traffic to the website. Professional product photos can be utilized across various marketing platforms such as websites, catalogs, ads, social media, and brochures, ensuring visual coherence throughout all platforms. Their creative and strategic deployment helps distinguish from competitors and reinforce brand recognition. Professional product photos strengthen customers' trust in the company and its products, fostering loyalty and recommendations. In essence, professional product photos are an essential investment for any company aiming to establish a strong brand image, captivate public attention, optimize online sales, and stand out in a competitive market.

So Who Is This For?

This product photography service is primarily designed for e-commerce sellers who own a website or sell on platforms (whether dropshipping or not) such as:

  • ✅Shopify
  • ✅Wordpress
  • ✅Amazon
  • ✅Wix
  • ✅Ebay
  • ✅Cdiscount
  • ✅Fnac
  • ✅WooCommerce
For the Basic €10 Offer, You Will Receive:
📌You will get 5 retouches for a single product image.
📌Modifications until satisfaction.
Among these product retouches, you'll find:
📌Color correction or change.
📌Background removal (changing to white or transparent PNG).
📌Adding or creating shadow / reflection.
📌Clipping path.
📌Noise reduction and sharpening.
📌Lens correction.
Additional Offers
✅Up to 5 images for €50
✅Up to 10 images for €100
✅Up to 20 images for €200
✅Up to 30 images for €300

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I will retouch your products photos

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Le travail a été effectué dans les meilleurs délais. Le cahier des charges a été respecté. Les retouches sont soignées, le résultat est clean, très esthétique et très professionnel pour mon site de e-commerce.


Merci a vous, à très vite

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Merci pour la rapidité


Je vous en prie et merci pour la confiance 😊.

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flyers_siteweb 5 hours ago

⭐ + 100 clients satisfaits ⭐

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Hello ! Je suis Valentine, designer numérique.

J'ai d'excellentes compétences en

⬇️Motion design
⬇️Développement No-code
⬇️Montage Vidéo
⬇️Création de tunnel de vente

J'ai forgé mon expertise grâce à mes 4 années de pratique et d'apprentissage perpétuels du design en m'adaptant aux nouvelles technologies.

Mon expérience m'a permis de maîtriser parfaitement divers logiciels de conception tels que Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Premier Pro, Adobe After Effect, Systeme.io.
Ce qui me distingue !

Je suis convaincu que le design est un accélérateur de croissance de business et je vous aide à l'intégrer dans votre process pour mieux vous positionner sur votre marché et faire plus de ventes.

Ce qui me permet d'offrir des prestations complètes et variées selon vos besoins.

J'ai très vite convaincu une dizaine d'entrepreneurs hors comeup comme vous qui m'ont sollicité pour travailler sur l'image de leur marque de produits et ou de services.

Ce n'est pas que mon savoir faire qui les a satisfaits, mais aussi et surtout 👇

✅ ma réactivité : je réponds dans les meilleurs délais

✅ mon sérieux au travail : j'ai respecté jusqu'ici, tous les délais convenus avec mes clients

✅ ma disponibilité : l'écoute est l'une de mes qualités phares

C'est ce qui justifie mes excellentes statistiques (que je vous invite à consulter) sur la plateforme.

📢 Et ce n'est pas tout !

Travailler avec moi, c'est bénéficier :

👉 d'une approche créative et innovante

👉 des conseils d'un professionnel pour vous guider

👉 d'une garantie satisfait ou remboursé

👉 d'une garantie de totale confidentialité

Entièrement à l’écoute de mes clients, j'échange avec vous tout au long du processus de création et je vous prodigue de nombreux conseils basés sur mon expérience et la diversité de mes réalisations.

Je serai très honoré que vous soyez mon tout prochain succès !

Contactez-moi maintenant pour que nous discutions de votre projet.””

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