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# **Have you found that some books are easier and more enjoyable to read than others, despite their sometimes boring content?**

*I suppose YES!*

After all, we're all readers in more ways than one, because the written word is a reservoir of information, knowledge and even wealth. And we all aspire to wealth, information and knowledge.

Everyone, absolutely everyone, needs to read as often as possible, to banish ignorance and create wealth.

In today's fast-paced world, the time available for each task is just as limited. If reading is an essential part of personal development, it needs to be made easy and enjoyable, so that you can gain information and knowledge without spending all your time on it.

To achieve this ideal, quality DTP or FORMAT is essential.
It is one of the last stages in the process of writing a book or any type of manuscript. However, botching it is tantamount to jeopardising all the effort you have put into producing your text.

Are you going to mortgage the future of your manuscript, book, administrative document or job application simply for the sake of **SHAPING**?

The content of your writing is impeccable. However, if you don't bring aesthetics to it in a professional manner, no one will read it.

Are you prepared to sacrifice your writing career for a slip-up on formatting?
Do you want to be disqualified from that golden job opportunity because of a poorly formatted cover letter?
And you students, do you want to take the risk of submitting a document that will lose you points and value with your teachers and fellow students?

**~I know I don't!~**

No one likes to take unnecessary risks that could jeopardise their career or life.

Books are meant to be enjoyable to read. It is never advisable to dissociate the FOUND from the FORM. It's the beauty of the outside (container) that makes you want to know more about what's inside (content).
DTP gives your texts an outward beauty and so stimulates the reader's curiosity, so they don't hesitate to read between the lines.

Because I love beauty (FORM) and goodness (FOUND), I propose to breathe new life into your writing to arouse your readers' desires.

My work is meticulous and personalised, because I demand your satisfaction every time.

***Simply place your trust in me!***

## **ABOUT ME**
I'm a writer, poet and researcher. As writing and reading are two of my main passions, I have spent time training myself to master InDesign and Microsoft office software (Word, PowerPoint , Publisher and Excel).
I would be delighted to work with you on a one-off or long-term basis.
I offer you the possibility of formatting all types of documents.


Magazine, Leaflet and Brochure
eBook and book
Reports, Dissertation/Thesis
Course sheet
Lead magnet
Curriculum Vitæ (CV)
Cover letter
Press release


Careful layout of up to 10 pages (WORD)
Optimised typography (font, size, headings, margins, etc)
Footers and page numbering
Formatting of headings and text
Automatic summary if required
Delivery formats: WORD and PDF
Delivery time: 48 hours
If your document is larger (more than 10 pages) and more complex (requiring advanced formatting), I can offer you ADDITIONAL OPTIONS below.


Create a cover page
Customise the document according to your graphic charter (colour, font, etc)
Insertion of up to 10 royalty-free images/photos
Creation of your table of illustrations (figures, tables, etc)
Creation of an automatic table of contents
Insert your Bibliography according to the required standard
Insert footnotes
Insert hypertext links
Layout a document of more than 10 pages


You will have excellent quality page layout / formatting, paragraphs justified and aligned according to your request.
Page breaks and section breaks will be inserted in the appropriate places.
Pages will be numbered in the style of your choice and margins will be adapted to your preferences.

Your text will be airy and pleasant to read, and will appeal to all types of reader.

Nota Bene: The clearer and more precise your instructions, the higher your level of satisfaction.
So don't hesitate to contact me for more details about this service.


To contact me, click on the "Contact" button and leave me a message. I'll get back to you in real time.


When ordering, choose all the options that correspond to your needs and then click on the "Order" button. I will then process your order and deliver it to you on time.

*Take care.*

I will design the layout of your documents

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HARTMAN 7 hours ago

“Je suis Hartman, rédacteur professionnel bilingue (Francais-Anglais) et passionné de lecture, d'écriture et surtout curieux de découvrir les merveilles de la recherche.

Actuellement je suis chercheur, préparant une thèse de doctorat PhD.

Je lis et écris depuis l'école primaire.
D’un livre à l’autre, j’ai pu confirmer qu’il est possible de faire le tour du monde sans décoller et de parler à d’éminentes personnalités sans aucun protocole. En effet « le monde est dans le livre, le monde est le livre ».

Au cours de mon parcours littéraire j’ai été distingué à des Concours Nationaux d’Ecriture : Concours National d’Ecriture Francophone au Cameroun (2020), Concours Mensuel de Poésie René Philombe (2020), Concours National de Dissertation (2019), Prix National du Meilleur Plaidoyer pour la Remunicipalisation du Service de Distribution de l’Eau Potable au Cameroun (2019).

J’appartiens actuellement à la ronde des Poètes du Cameroun et je suis par ailleurs Membre de l’équipe éditoriale de « PanAfrican Medical Journal » (PAMJ).

Je vous accompagne dans la rédaction de vos documents intermédiaires, thèses, mémoires et rapports de stages, la relecture et la correction de textes, la mise en page de vos documents, et la réalisation de vos sondages & questionnaires. Je rédige également vos textes (articles SEO, storytelling, histoires inspirantes, résumés & synthèses, poèmes). Je fais de la reformulation, de la traduction (anglais - français - allemand) et des présentations PowerPoint. Certains articles sont spécialisés sur la santé et les animaux, tandis que votre présence sur Facebook ou YouTube peut être soignée. Je vous offre aussi, des recherches documentaires & synthèses optimisées et référencées.

En Graphisme & Design, vous aurez des affiches & flyers, chemises à rabats, banderoles, plaquettes, roll-up, bannières, cartes de visite, calendriers, dépliants, menus de restaurant, etc. Vous aurez aussi des CV et lettre de motivation, des articles scientifiques, des ebooks et couvertures, des montages vidéos, e-mailing ou e-mail marketing, fiches produits/services, etc.

Service de qualité - Respect des délais.


I am Hartman, a bilingual (French-English) professional writer with a passion for reading, writing, and most of all, a curiosity for the wonders of research.

Currently I am a researcher, preparing a PhD thesis.

I have been reading and writing since primary school.
From one book to another, I was able to confirm that it is possible to travel around the world without taking off and talk to great personalities without any protocol. Indeed "the world is in the book, the world is the book".

In the course of my writing career I have been distinguished in National Writing Competitions: National Francophone Writing Competition in Cameroon (2020), René Philombe Monthly Poetry Competition (2020), National Essay Competition (2019), National Prize for the Best Advocacy for the Remunicipalization of the Drinking Water Distribution Service in Cameroon (2019).

I currently belong to the Cameroon Poets' Round and I am also a Member of the editorial team of "PanAfrican Medical Journal" (PAMJ).

I accompany you in writing your intermediate documents, theses, dissertations and internship reports, proofreading and editing texts, formatting your documents, and conducting your surveys & questionnaires. I also write your texts (SEO articles, storytelling, inspirational stories, summaries & syntheses, poems). I do rephrasing, translation (English - French - German) and PowerPoint presentations. Some articles are specialized on health and animals, while your presence on Facebook or YouTube can be taken care of. I also offer you, optimized and referenced literature searches & syntheses.

In Graphics & Design, you will have posters & flyers, flap folders, banners, leaflets, roll-ups, banners, business cards, calendars, flyers, restaurant menus, etc. You will also have resumes and cover letters, scientific articles, ebooks and covers, video editing, e-mailing or e-mail marketing, product/service sheets, etc.

Quality service - Respect of deadlines.”

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