I will create an animation of your icon in 48H

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You already know that videos are among the most widely used media on the internet today. If you don't, you really should start using gifs for your social networks! 📹

An animated icon is a way of giving icon a new haircut. 💇♂️

Suddenly, it looks more modern, more dynamic, more in tune with the times. But it'll still look like itself. 🕺

And you'll benefit from the primary advantage of video, or any moving image: it's eye-catching! 👀


A passionate graphic designer since 2010, I wield computer tools as an artist would his brush and canvas at the service of my customers to accompany them in all their realizations and projects. 🖥️


✅ 100% original designs: I believe in unique designs. It's my promise to deliver 100% unique animations to every customer. 💯

✅ Permanent file storage: I keep a permanent record of your icon projects in my files for free. No need to worry about losing your master file in a computer crash. 💾

✅ Simplicity itself: You don't need to know anything about icon design because I do it all for you. Just answer the questionnaire. 😃

⭐️ Animations are ideal for : ⭐️

✔ Youtube 🎥

✔ Website 💻

✔ Facebook / Instagram 📱

Here are the different packs: 📦

Pack 5 euros :

One-second animation of your icon in mp4 format with 1 revision. 🎞️

🥉PACK BRONZE ( 25€ )
1 animation
3 revisions
GIF format
1-5 seconds
Delivery time 2 days
🥈PACK SILVER ( 65€ )
4 animations
Unlimited retouching
1-5 seconds
Delivery time 4 days
🥇PACK GOLD ( 115€ )
10 animations
Unlimited retouching
1-5 seconds
Delivery time 6 days

FAQ - Icon and pictogram animation 🎬

➤ How many animations are included? 🎞️

1 animation (Bronze), 4 animations (Silver), 10 animations (Gold).

➤ Can I request modifications? ✏️

Yes, unlimited retouching on animations for all packs!

➤ What formats are delivered? 💿

GIF (Bronze), GIF/MP4/AVI (Silver and Gold), + JSON/PNG (Gold).

➤ Can you modify my icons? 🖌️

No, I don't modify the design of your icons, only the animation.

➤ What information do I need? 📋

I need your icons in AI/SVG format, as well as your indications for the animations.

➤ What are the delivery times? ⏱️

2 days (Bronze), 4 days (Silver), 6 days (Gold). Flexible schedule!

➤ Who produces the animations? 👨🎨

Myself, motion design and animation expert for over 10 years.

Any questions? Don't hesitate! 😊


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Do you have a communications project? With me, you can create crazy visuals! 🤩

Trendy logos, graphic charters, photo retouching, video editing... I'm up to any challenge! 💪

So don't hesitate any longer, browse my showcase and services to get an overview of what I can do to help you! 😊

Together we'll boost your image and wow your customers with striking visuals! Ready to stand out from the crowd? Go for it! 🚀

I will create an animation of your icon in 48H

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Graphiste 🎨 et designer, je crée des visuels percutants. Passionnée par les tendances digitales 💻, je développe des stratégies sur-mesure pour engager vos communautés. Basée à Lille 🌇.”

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