I will draw or paint a fantasy object/item or weapon

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I offer to design a personalized item, be it a sword, a book, a dial ... Etc. My illustrations remain within an artistic framework.

Important note: If you opt for a painted rendering, I'll need your availability to comment/validate the sketch before I render a finished work.
If you are unable to be available before the last 2 days of the rendering deadline, I will finish the rendering without your feedback on the sketch.

2 touch-ups are offered on the finished rendering.

Important clarification concerning retouching:
Free touch-ups concern minor or partial changes to the rendering. Modifications that require a complete change of the rendering, or a change of design, will be charged at the amount of time required for the modification.


The illustration will be created in Photoshop using a graphics tablet, and will be delivered :

300 dpi
Possibility of transparent background in PNG
In PSD if you have requested the source file.


from 25 euros: I make a black and white sketch of your illustration (1 subject only).

for 40 euros more: I'll make a digital painting of your illustration (in black and white, or in color)

for an additional 30 euros: you can have a commercial use + right of sale (possibility of requesting a copyright assignment contract with the illustration)

For an additional 120 euros: I create a background in addition to the illustration.

For an additional 60 euros: I provide you with the source file

For 50 euros more: I create 1 or 2 additional subjects in the same illustration, in addition to the requested subject.

For 40 euros more: additional retouching

For 170 euros more: digital painting + 1 or 2 additional subjects + background + copyright transfer.

If you have any questions about my service, I am available to discuss them with you.

I will draw or paint a fantasy object/item or weapon

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Modefact 1 day ago

“Freelance illustrator, I offer digital illustrations in digital painting or sketches for your personal or professional projects.
My rates are visible on each of my service presentations, below the description.

If you have any questions about my services, I'd be delighted to discuss them with you by message.

Please note: I don't do vector illustrations or video animations, and I'm not a graphic/motion designer.
Furthermore, I do not authorize my work to be used for the development of artificial intelligence. I do not accept that my work ends up in a database without my consent. Commercial use does not include this option.
For copyright reasons, I do not use artificial intelligence in my work.


Illustrateur en freelance, je propose des illustrations numériques en digital painting ou en croquis/esquisse pour vos projets personnels ou professionnels.
Mes tarifs sont visibles sur chacune de mes présentations de services, en dessous de la description.

Si vous avez des questions concernant mes prestations, je serais ravi d'échanger avec vous par message.

Précision importante : je ne réalise pas d'illustrations vectorielles, ni d'animations vidéos, je ne suis pas graphic/motion designer.
De plus, je n'autorise pas que mon travail soit utilisé pour le développement d'une intelligence artificielle. Je n'accepte pas que mon travail finisse dans une base de donnés sans mon consentement. L'usage commerciale ne comprend pas cette option.
Pour des raisons de droits d'auteur, je n'utilise pas d'intelligence artificielle dans mon travail”

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