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Are you tired of amateur subtitles that leave much to be desired? 😕

Subtitles filled with errors or out of sync? 🕒

That's where we come in! 💪
€15 per minute of subtitling! 💥
Dynamic and perfectly synchronized subtitles 💥
Customization with colors and typographic effects 💥

Allow us to EXPLAIN in detail 👋 !!

🤔 You're probably asking these crucial questions:

🤯 What is the real impact of subtitles?

In today's world of TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook, vertical format videos have become the undeniable norm. To quickly capture a larger audience, it's imperative, even urgent, to create brief and captivating content!

Subtitles are no longer just an add-on but a powerful tool to engage your audience!

That's where we step in to offer you a game-changing solution!

Furthermore, with TikTok's recent update, content creators earn an average of €1 for only 1000 views, but getting those views is becoming increasingly difficult. The key to success lies in differentiation.

That's why improving the quality of your subtitles and personalizing your videos is the distinctive element that will set you apart from other creators.

🌟 Why trust our expertise?

Our expertise has been built through a multitude of projects and videos.

As content creators ourselves, we will present you with innovative, proven, and effective ideas that will amplify your impact on social media!

💪 Quality is our guiding principle.

By choosing our services, YOU will receive subtitles that faithfully reflect your identity. Before we begin, we will take into account all the little details that make a difference!

We are attentive to YOUR preferences, whether it's the color palette, font choice, or even special effects. In the end, YOU will have a CUSTOMIZED VIDEO.

Don't wait any longer; we are the solution YOU NEED!


By opting for our basic offer, here's what YOU will receive:
• Custom subtitles for a one-minute vertical video in MP4 format!
• Guaranteed delivery within 72 hours
•** Broadcasting rights**
• Up to 3 revision requests included

For a video bursting with vitality, try these options 💣

PACK PRO - 25€
✅ Short video, maximum 1 minute
✅ Dynamic subtitles
✅ Unlimited colors
✅ Emojis 💪
✅ Enhancements (Transitions & Cuts)
✅ Adding non-copyrighted music

Spice up your video with these suggestions for an extra kick 🌶️:

Adding illustrations (stock images/videos) + €10
Enhancing the editing (cuts & zooms) + €5
Changing subtitle language + €5
Changing the format + €10
Total video duration 📹 + 1 min + €15
Total video duration 📹 + 2 mins + €30
Total video duration 📹 + 3 mins + €45



Your precious files are in good hands, and our lips will remain sealed forever. Your privacy, our top priority. 🔒


Because we know that time is money, we don't play around with your time. Your deadlines, YOUR decision. We are 100% committed to meeting the deadlines YOU set.

🖐 ATTENTION, IMMEDIATE ACTION! 🔥 How to place an order for your subtitles?

☝️ Briefly outline your project.
✌️ Get expert advice on the best options.
🤟 Provide your instructions (Colors, fonts, you name it!).
🤟 Watch your video take on a whole new dimension!

❓ Feeling the time pressure?

Activate our EXPRESS DELIVERY option and ensure even FASTER delivery. 🚀

🤝 Now that we're connected, let's not waste any more time.

CONTINUE with your order and LET'S WORK TOGETHER to bring your project to life! 💼🚀

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