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Let me make it easier for you to perform your repetitive tasks thanks to the power of automation.🤖

Welcome dear customer,

👉You are probably here because you are tired of constantly having to repeat certain tasks in your business or company. As a result, this prevents you from focusing on the essentials.

If this is the case, then you are in the right place! my automation service will help you save time and become more efficient!

What is task automation ❓

With the acceleration of digitalization, companies can now rely on numerous digital tools to automate work tasks often considered time-consuming. So what is task automation?
Automation involves entrusting repetitive, low-value tasks to a computer system that were previously carried out by humans.

Why choose task automation ❓

Choosing to automate tasks offers several advantages:

1️⃣ Save time
Automation allows tasks to be completed more quickly, saving valuable time to focus on more important activities.

2️⃣ Reduction of errors
Automated systems are less prone to human errors, ensuring greater accuracy in task execution.

3️⃣ Increased efficiency
Automation helps optimize processes, improve productivity and maximize the use of available resources.

4️⃣ Consistency
Automated tasks are completed consistently, helping to maintain high standards of quality and performance.

5️⃣ Cost savings
In the long run, automation can reduce labor and error costs, which can be beneficial for businesses.

6️⃣ Flexibility
You can program the automation to fit your specific needs, making it versatile and adaptable.

Why choose me ❓

✔️ I am an issacoder, programmer analyst and digital strategy expert with more than 5 years of experience. Thanks to my expertise, I offer you a complete and personalized automation solution using make or zapier.

✔️ I spend valuable time understanding your requirements through smooth communication

My clients are satisfied with my work 👍🏾

Skyco ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

"Great work from Issa! Always responsive and keen to do excellent work. I recommend! "

wilfriddhs ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

"I am satisfied"


"Very good work. Fluid and efficient communication. I recommend"

Pierre Pelce⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

"Another very good job! I can only salute the professionalism and the rapid results. Always attentive and efficient. I highly recommend! "

Skyco ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

"Very good work from Issa! I thank him for his investment! I recommend him 100%"

So how does it work ❓

Consider having your business regularly collect lead information through sponsored ads. Instead of spending time continually checking for new entries, I suggest implementing automation to streamline this process.

1️⃣ Collecting information from prospects via your form: When a potential customer fills out your form, the data is automatically captured and saved in a Google Sheets spreadsheet.

2️⃣ Activation of the automation process: As soon as a new submission is made, the automation is immediately.

3️⃣ Sending notifications: You and your team instantly receive notifications via email, SMS, or your preferred communications platform, letting you know that a new lead has submitted the form.
Additionally, you can choose to receive a daily, daily or monthly report as a file (PDF, XLSX).
You also have the ability to set up an automated acknowledgment email to be sent whenever a prospect submits a request.

This approach ensures more efficient lead management, allowing you to stay informed in real time and access detailed reports, all thanks to transparent and efficient automation.

Take advantage of my exceptional launch offers today !🌟

What can you get with just €10?

✔️ For only €10, I can help you by creating and configuring your Zapier or Make account.

✔️ Next, I'll look at your company or business and give you a comprehensive list of different ways to automate tasks specific to your needs.

✔️ Finally, I will set up a simple automation using just two apps to test it based on your business area.

➕ Additionally, I also offer additional options to help you manage and maintain your existing Zaps, Scenarios or Automated Processes

Number of days Actions Price
7 days 24/7 ✔️Bug fixes, Optimization, Update +70€
30 days 24/7 ✔️Bug fixes, Optimization, Update +250€
No additional delays ✔️Creation and configuration of 01 Zap, Scenario or Custom automated process + 02 automation steps +10€
01 day ✔️Creation and configuration of 01 Zap, Scenario or Custom automated process + 05 automation steps +20€
02 days ✔️Creation and configuration of 01 Zap, Scenario or Custom automated process + 10 automation steps +35€
03 days ✔️Creation and configuration of 01 Zap, Scenario or Custom automated process + 10 automation steps +€
03days ✔️Creation and configuration of 02 Zap, Scenario or Custom automated process + 05 automation steps +35€
04days ✔️Creation and configuration of 02 Zap, Scenario or Custom automated process + 10 automation steps +65€
04days ✔️Creation and configuration of 05 Zap, Scenario or Custom Automated Process + 20 automation steps +120€
No additional delays ✔️Configuring a function in a scenario +5€
No additional delays ✔️Configuration of 03 functions in a scenario +10€
No additional delays ✔️Configuration of 05 functions in a scenario +20€
+01 day ✔️Configuration of 10 functions in a scenario +45€
+02 days ✔️Configuration of 15 functions in a scenario +70€
+03 days ✔️Analysis and correction of an existing scenario +50€
+06 days ✔️Analysis and correction of 02 existing scenarios +95€
+07 days ✔️Analysis and correction of 05 existing scenarios +240€
+14 days ✔️Analysis and correction of 10 existing scenarios +450€

But that’s not all! Allow me to introduce you to the offer that will significantly optimize the performance of your business.😲

Welcome to my “Business Pack – Pro” offer! 🚀

This pack is specially designed for companies and self-employed wishing to create and implement a robust and efficient CRM from **A to Z **

📊 Content of the Pack Business-Pro ( +650€ )
👉🏾 Includes the basic offer
👉🏾 A complete proposal for a turnkey automation solution from A to Z
👉🏾 Contains up to N scenarios or zaps (In this context N is designated as an unlimited number of automations or zaps in the project amount 500 )
👉🏾 Features up to N automation steps (In this context N is designated as an unlimited number of automations steeps in the project amount 500)
👉🏾Supports the ongoing management of created zaps, ensuring smooth and efficient operation 24/7 for an extended period of 30 days.
👉🏾 Writing clear and precise documentation of each scenario or zaps in PDF format
Amount =================================================>>> 650€
Duration ============================================>>> 30 Days

Invest in the efficiency of your business with my "Business-Pro Pack" and simplify the management of your processes while freeing up time to focus on what matters most. 💼💪


*I will select between Zapier and Make based on what you need, unless you have special requests.

  • You can then test the work done by accessing your Zapier or Make account.
    *If you choose to pay for a subscription on Make or Zapier, you will need to pay the fees yourself.
  • Functions in Make Integromat or Zapier are a powerful tool for manipulating and transforming data, making decisions, performing calculations, and customizing your automation scenarios.

How will we proceed after your order ❓

Once your order is placed, I will integrate you into a workspace on Trello, allowing you to follow the progress of the project in real time.

If you have any concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me. I will answer you as soon as possible. If not, I strongly encourage you to order.

Together, let’s simplify repetitive tasks with automation!

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