I will create flat designs and trace images into vectors, for this price you will get one layered

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Hi, let me introduce myself, Gayus from Indonesia, I am a vector graphic design illustrator, logo design. My expertise is, I can make vector drawings using Adobe Illustrator and I can also make pattern designs, I have done a lot of various projects, I have been doing this for almost 5 years, that's a glance about me so don't hesitate about my services.

I am a design illustrator, I will take a rough sketch and trace it into a clean and neatly layered vector form, you will get the final file in EPS and PNG with high resolution, for that price you will get one final EPS file and get unlimited color revisions

don't worry when you buy this service you will get a color revision and fully coated vactor without any color revision fees, don't hesitate to use our services.

I will create flat designs and trace images into vectors, for this price you will get one layered

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gayusrusdiana 3 days ago

“Hi, I'm Gaius from Bandung, Indonesia. I have experience in the design industry, especially in graphic design such as logo design, patterns, photo editing and flat design. I have experience handling small to large projects. I have helped over 100 clients to help get their projects completed.

For 5 years, as a designer, I have achieved many types of businesses, such as marketplace sites, on-demand services, products, and fin-tech.

If you want to see my portfolio, please visit my website https://contributors.vecteezy.com/portfolio/ or my Behance: https://www.behance.net/gayusrusdiana2013 You can also find me on dribbblehttps://dribbble .com/g-yus07”

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