I will proof-read and correct any English text you send me

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This is a simple gig that solves a HUGE problem.

English is a very difficult language to master and non-native English speakers may not always pick up on some of the subtleties of the language.

You can relate to this if you’ve ever read or heard anything in your native language that just sounded a little bit “off.” It probably wasn’t terrible but it leaves you with a lack of trust in the material you’re reading as well as in the person that happened to publish it.

To avoid you losing out on potential business, I will be happy to review any English text that you send me.

This very helpful service allows you to have any written text reviewed by a native English speaker with over 15 years of authoring and copywriting experience.

Note that this service isn’t about completely re-writing your content but rather just fixing up your content so it sounds natural and credible.

I won’t be improving upon any sales copy or making any changes to the meaning of your text. I’m just going to fix mistakes.

If you’d like me to actually write some killer copy for you, please take a look at my other services.

The basic service covers up to 500 words of content. My turnaround time on this type of work is very fast too so don’t miss out.

Please feel free to contact me prior to ordering if you have any questions.


My name is Eric Haaranen and I have 6 books on Amazon - Two of which were Amazon bestsellers.

I have also written dozens of short guides and reports and hundreds of blog posts.

I am a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to writing so I'm probably a great fit for you with this gig.

I will send you back your corrected text in Google docs or Word format.

The pricing for the basic service here is for 500 words. Feel free to add as many as you require. If you need more than what is listed here, please contact me.

I will proof-read and correct any English text you send me

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