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# Product image design

## Please don't let the supplier's logo or texts in another language be dragged over your product images any longer.

**Special New Year's promotional offer underway ** :

*Why do people say drop-shipping is dead?

>Dropshipping is dead because to sell online today, you have to look like a brand, a real brand.

>Appearance starts with product images. That's why it's so important to personalize your product photos: insert your brand on the products you sell through dropshipping.

**WHO AM I?**

~I'm Arsène Mickaël, graphic and web designer. I have more than 5 years' experience and have already helped several web entrepreneurs take their e-commerce stores to the next level.~

What I offer for €10 ?

02 Product images retouched :
✓ Remove all writing in French, Chinese…
✓ White or solid color background (your choice)
✓ No retouching
✓ Format: PNG or JPEG
✓300 DPI

**Want to go further?**

Packs Content to make your product images shine Prices
Standard professional design of up to 06 product images: addition of product benefits 2D icons text supplied by you color of your choice addition of shadows and highlights €55 instead of ~~95~~
Gold Attractive, uncluttered & minimalist design of 06 product photos : all the elements of the previous pack color appropriate to the product niche €85 instead of ~~155~~
Premium Transformation of 06 product photos (maximum) into a work of art, minimalist and uncluttered design: all elements from previous packs meticulously worked image background addition of vector elements 3D icons addition of marketing texts that convert €135 instead of ~~250~~

Additional Options Rates PRICES
Up to 05 additional product images €25
Up to 10 additional Images €50 instead of ~~95~~
20 additional Images €85 instead of ~~155~~
50 additional Images €150 instead of ~~215€~~
Up to 150 additional images €395 instead of ~~455~~


How do I place an order?
**Check the option that suits you best. Confirm your order by clicking on "**Buy now**”. As soon as I've received your order, I'll take care of you (don't worry, I'm online 24 hours a day and won't keep you waiting for more than an hour).
What do you need to get started?**
**You'll send me your product photos after you've placed your order, so I can personalize them.**
What software do you use?
**I use the Adobe suite to create and personalize product photos.**

**Do you have any other questions?**

**Don't hesitate to contact me by pressing the <<contact seller>> button.**

See you soon to work on your project.

I will retouch photos or product images

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Je m'appelle Arsène Mickaël, Shopify builder passionné avec une expérience de trois ans dans ce domaine en constante évolution. Mon objectif est d'aider les entreprises à développer leur présence en ligne en créant des boutiques en ligne professionnelles et attrayantes.

Je suis constamment à l'affût des dernières tendances et des meilleures pratiques pour offrir à mes clients des solutions innovantes et efficaces. Mon expertise en matière de conception, de développement et de marketing me permet d'offrir un service complet et personnalisé à chaque projet.

Faites-moi confiance pour donner vie à votre vision et vous aider à atteindre vos objectifs en ligne.

Contactez-moi si vous avez des questions. Le cas échéant, passez votre commande. Je vous prendrai en charge automatiquement.”

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