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Maximize your leads with a tailor-made Système.io capture page. Attract and convert effectively.

The creation of a capture page or landing page with Système.io, designed to captivate your visitors, generate qualified leads and stimulate your online growth . In an increasingly competitive digital landscape, it's essential to capture the attention of your target audience and inspire them to take action.

You are probably in the ideal place!

So are you one of the following cases:

✅ Do you do E Commerce and dropshipping?
and you need a capture page?

✅Are you wondering how to create capture page or landing page?

✅Are you a trainer and you want to sell online training?

✅Are you a speaker and you have an event to present?

You probably answered “YES” to one of these questions, you need to keep reading ⬇️

Why ask me and not other freelancers?

Specialized expertise: In addition to being a web developer, I first have skills in capture page creation or landing page, because the latter requires this essential skill.

In addition, during my career in the agency, I created capture page creation* or landing page which were appreciated by clients, e-retailers and always asked me for work related to the * creation of a capture page** or landing page.

My responsiveness: I always respond reactively to my customers and I completely understand that not everyone has this capacity for patience.

My sense of professionalism: Each project that is presented to me, I take it seriously, paying attention to detail, I work on it as if it were mine then, I am like your doctor who listens to you, able to relieve you of your sorrows.

My availability: I am always available during the progress of your capture page creation or landing page project until the end, open-minded.

I am willing to learn: Like any living being, I may make mistakes and for that, I am open to criticism and it will help me improve more in my career.

Why are your capture pages not converting?

👉 A common problem is the lack of relevance and appeal of the offer presented on the capture page According to a recent study, almost 70% of visitors abandon a capture page due to an offer that does not meet their needs or does not sufficiently encourage them to act.

👉 Visitors are increasingly demanding and attentive to the value they can obtain in exchange for their contact information. If your offer is not convincing enough, they will not hesitate to leave the page and look for a more attractive alternative.

👉 In addition, it is essential to target your audience well and adapt your offer accordingly. If your capture page doesn't speak directly to the specific concerns and interests of your audience, you risk losing their attention and trust.

But thanks to this service, you will benefit from:

Qualified lead generation: Capture pages are designed to collect contact details of visitors interested in your offer. This allows you to develop a database of qualified leads that you can later leverage for targeted marketing campaigns.

Expanding Your Email List: Capture Pages are a powerful way to grow your mailing list. By encouraging visitors to register, you increase the number of contacts you can communicate with, which strengthens your online presence and your ability to promote your products or services.

✅Increased conversion rate: Capture pages are specifically designed to convert visitors into leads. With strategically placed elements like eye-catching headlines, compelling descriptions, and impactful calls to action, you can maximize your conversion rate and achieve real results.

User Experience Personalization: With a Capture Page, you can personalize your visitors' experience based on their specific interests and needs. By providing relevant offers or resources, you increase the chances of conversion and satisfaction of your prospects.

🎲 Now you have 2 choices :

Choice 1: Choose for yourself to do the capture page creation or landing page then you will make mistakes and then correct yourself or either convey an unprofessional image of you, lose qualified prospects.

Choice 2: You opt for a professional and thus give your business a brand image, the chance to attract more customers. Results: an increase in visit rate and clicks, conversion rate, an increase in your sales.
If you prefer choice 2, here is what I offer you 👇


For €5: I will create capture page or landing page creation

✅I will draw up the diagram of your capture page on Figma (it is a tool that allows you to diagram projects before moving on to design).

✅Retouching: 2 times

But it’s not over 😊! I offer you additional options tailored to your needs.

🛑 NB 1: The basic offer includes a landing page without writing. You provide the text (up to 400 words).

☑️1 Capture page
☑️1 Thank you page
☑️ Responsive pages for desktop and mobile
☑️Attractive and personalized design according to your visual identity
☑️Animations and illustrations (mock-ups, 3D images, etc.)
☑️Search and insert images according to your needs
☑️Synchronization with Google Sheets and other CRM
☑️SEO optimization of the capture page
☑️Installation of the Facebook Pixel (on request)
☑️Configuration of Calendly (on request)
☑️Limited revisions: 3 times
☑️Discover my packs+ for a complete landing page below:
☑️✍🏽✍🏽 Landing page with Editing. .
🎁Bonus 1: Integration of customer testimonials: testimonials or customer reviews to strengthen the credibility of your offer and reassure prospects about the value of your product or service.
🎁Bonus : Integration of share buttons on social networks: Make sharing easier
PRICE: 50€
☑️All the advantages of the basic offer:💥 LANDING PAGE PRO MAXIMIZER
☑️Effective content writing (between 300 words and 400 words)
☑️Professional, responsive, attractive design adapted to your visual identity
☑️Social proof integration with ProveSource (on request)
☑️Creation of tags to segment your contacts
☑️Association of your professional email address to system.io and automation of sending the confirmation email to prospects
☑️Limited revisions: 5 times
✍🏽✍🏽 Landing page with Copywriting
PRICE: €70
☑️ Enjoy all the benefits of the pack 💥 360 CAPTURE PAGE 🌟
☑️Impactful copywriting content (between 400 and 800 words)
☑️Detailed description of your services
☑️Professional, responsive, attractive design adapted to your visual identity
☑️Social proof integration with ProveSource (on request)
☑️Creation of tags to segment your contacts
☑️Integration of your professional email address into system.io and
automation of sending confirmation emails to prospects
☑️ ☑️Limited revisions: 5 times
🎁Bonus : you are entitled to two marketing emails written by a professional copywriter worth €100 free customer follow-up
PRICE: €100

My guarantee

I am committed to providing you with the capture page creation or landing page of superior quality to your expectations, while respecting everything listed in the packs. If after receiving delivery, you notice any imperfections I will make adjustments at no additional cost.

🎯 It's up to you to decide now!

Ready to take action and benefit from capture page creation or landing page turnkey? ⬇️

Place your order now in 3 simple steps !

  1. Select the options that suit you

  2. Click on the ''order'' button at the bottom of this description

  3. Send me your instructions in the chat integrated into your order.

  4. Then I finish the capture page creation or landing page and I will send you the link.

And it’s just like child’s play!

💬 Do you have any questions?

Please let me know of your concerns regarding capture page creation or landing page by clicking the white "Contact Seller" button. I respond as soon as possible.

As for me, I will be very happy to work with you😊 !


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