I will help you lessen your burden and anxiety by having a chat together

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Are you having trouble connecting with other people?
Do you have secrets that you can't tell with your family and friends?
Are you anxious but don't know how to vent your emotion?
Or are you just wanting to have a chat with some random stranger?

Well, I, Julie, is here to hear you out.

With my basic offer, I can give you a ~safe haven~ for you to complain, vent, express your joy and sorrow, or just a medium for us to have a chat or video call if you need it.

You can explain to me about your difficulties, the reason why you are struggling, the happiness you feel, and I will be next to you across the globe listening to you attentively. I can give you advice, support, or I can also just here to listen to you without you need me to do anything. Everything is up to you!

We will have a 8 sessions in the span of 21 days. Each session would be from 45 minutes to 1 hour. The session will be done according to your availability but do tell be 1-day before so that we can prepare ourselves better.

We can have chat or video call through platforms like ComeUp Direct and Google Meet according to your availability.

Rest assured that I can be your listener and can give you a nudge and support while you are still wavering about what path to choose in life. Life is full of unexpected surprises, so please don't be discouraged about what you feel right now, because we can solve it together.
Disclaimer:** Please note that I will not provide relationship advice on basic offer.

But I do provide an extra offer for you if you need a relationship advice. We can analyze your crush/ex/friends/family/husband/wife's behavior, why did they do something, why did they say something like this or that, maybe they have reasons, or it just plain malicious. We can analyze it and find the best answer together.

Relationship is not just about love problem, it can be family, friends and other kind of relationships too. So don't be afraid, you can choose my relationship advisor package if you need it. There will be 4 sessions with 1 session would be from 45 minutes to 1 hour depending on your availability. If you have enough time, we can actually do 2 sessions in one day. The time span would be 7 days.

Also, if you feel comfortable while talking with me and suddenly it occurred to you that you want to have an extended session, I can provide you with 2 more session in different days. But please do take consideration that it can only happen in 2 days later, meaning that if you skip these 2 days because you have something urgent to do, you will loss the money you paid. So think carefully before purchasing it. So in summary, you will have 23 days in total for this extra offer.

So, what are you waiting for? If you feel like you want to lessen your burden in mind, don't hesitate to click the order button!

Have a nice day.

I will help you lessen your burden and anxiety by having a chat together

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