I will be your Gc3 teammate and coach

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In this service we will PLAY 90-minutes for 15$ of Rocket League

i will give you tips 1:1 live and give you positional corrections to get better game sense using in-game voice(rocket league) chat or even COME UP texting THROUGHOUT the whole session 'IF' the customer is okay with it. You will get about 2 ranks above from your rank in 90-minutes.

if you are bronze-gold i will get you to platinum
if you are platinum i will get you to diamond
if you are diamond i will get you to champion

FEEL free to message me i coached and helped over 60 people and all of them were happy with the results and ranked up and improved as players.
Im friendly and polite dont be nervous to reach out to me and ask me for any type of service for rocket league.

I will be your Gc3 teammate and coach

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jababijamovi 16 févr. 2024

“Hello. My name is Jaba and im a rocket league fan.
i have over 3000 hours and i reached high gc3 in this game.
i can help you get higher rank in that includes playing ranked and coaching(video anaylisis, 1v1 , mechanics tips and many more.
My service is effective and cheap and we can always use voice chat if needed!”

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