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Hello there,

Is the quality of your logo or image poor? Is it pixelated or blurred? Do you want to convert your image, images, or logo into a vector file?

If so, you've come to the correct spot!

I am a Graphic Designer/Vector Artist with several years of experience and and I'm ready to help you convert your bitmap or low-resolution image or logo into a high-resolution, clear vector that will not pixelate when enlarged to suit your needs. (I don't take real photos or vectorize 3D images.)

I can work with nearly anything that I can comprehend to vectorize including bitmaps, low resolution, screenshots, icons, scanned copies, sketches, and image files in jpg, png, pdf, and tif formats.

The final file format to be sent and received will be:
-Basic ($5) : Get a 1 Simple shape, image, text, or logo in high-resolution (JPG, PNG, or PDF)
-Premium ($20) : Get a 1 Complex shape, image, text, or logo to vector with (ai, eps, pdf, svg , cdr ) + 300DPI JPEG, PNG, PDF

Why Choose My Services?

- 100% Manual Tracing
- 100% satisfaction guaranteed (provide a complete refund if results are unsatisfactory)
- 24/7 Support
- Print-Ready 300 DPI
- High Resolutions
- Unlimited Revisions
- Replicate Any Missing Pixels
- Format clean & clear
- Fully Editable
- Fast Delivery and Response
- Friendly, reliable communication.

Note :
The difference between a simple and complex shape or image can be reflected in several aspects, including the number of elements, level of detail, structural complexity, and I am ability to understand them. Here are some key differences between simple and complex shapes/images:
1. Number of Elements:
- Simple Shape/Image: Typically consists of a few elements or components that are relatively easy to understand.
- Complex Shape/Image: Comprises many interrelated elements and requires further analysis to comprehend.

2. Level of Detail:
- Simple Shape/Image: Tends to have a low level of detail, with basic lines or shapes that are easily recognizable.
- Complex Shape/Image: Has a high level of detail, with many small elements and structural complexity that requires extra attention.

3. Structural Complexity:
- Simple Shape/Image: The structure or arrangement of elements is usually straightforward and easy to understand.
- Complex Shape/Image: The structure is more intricate and requires deeper analysis to fully grasp.

4.Ease of Understanding:
- Simple Shape/Image: Easy to understand and can be quickly recognized without intensive thought.
- Complex Shape/Image: Requires a higher level of attention and thought to understand the relationships and interactions among elements.

Do you have any questions? Don't hesitate to contact me. I'm eager to begin working on your project.

Looking forward to transforming your ideas into stunning vectors!

Best regards,
Ardiya Putra

I will vectorize redesign remake recreate or convert to vector your image logo text

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“Hey and welcome... Allow me to present myself. I'm Ardiya Putra, and I'm a professional freelance graphic designer. I have worked in the creative industry for nearly two years. Many cartoons, caricatures, vectors, vexels, banners, flyers, brochures, and other graphic designs are among the many illustrations and other graphic designs that I have produced. The bundle you choose will determine how your experience is customized. My only goal is to ensure that each of my clients reach the success they deserve. Let me help you go far in your endeavors !”

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