I will create engaging AI-Generated video shorts for your social media

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Are you looking to enrich your social media with captivating educational content? Look no further!
I specialize in **creating educational short videos** with the power of AI, perfect for Instagram, TikTok, YouTube Shorts, and more.

**What I Offer?**

I will create with my AI models custom shorts, each under a minute long, covering any educational topic of your choice. These shorts are designed to engage and educate your audience, enhancing your social media presence.

These engaging videos are delivered in MP4 format, ensuring broad compatibility with social media platforms. Crafted with advanced AI technology, every video boasts four unique, non-copyrighted images (created with custom Stable Diffusion models) enhanced with immersive effects and voice over narration.

This approach guarantees that your content is not only captivating and educational but also original, free from copyright restrictions, and fully yours to use, share, and monetize across your platforms. You have the exclusive rights.

**What are the options?**

Style Choice: Opt for a realistic or animated narrative to best suit your brand's voice.
Voiceover Options: Choose from four different voiceover artists to bring your content to life.
Subtitle Customization: Select the color of your subtitles and the language of the video (English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, or German), with or without subtitles.
Integrated Music: Each video comes with 100% AI original background music, adding an extra layer of engagement to your content.
Unique and Monetizable:
Rest assured, every video is crafted using our AI models, ensuring 100% unique, copyright-free content that's fully monetizable across all social media platforms.

**Pricing and Packages:**

€5 for 5 Shorts: No modification
€10 for 10 Shorts: Includes 1 modification.
€20 for 20 Shorts: Includes 2 modifications.
€25 for 30 Shorts: Includes 3 modifications.

1 Modification = I can regenerate any images you want in a specific short.

With a critical and innovative eye, I ensure that each video is not only educational but also highly engaging, helping you to stand out in the crowded social media landscape. My process is straightforward: you choose the options, and I deliver high-quality, engaging shorts that resonate with your audience.

I will create engaging AI-Generated video shorts for your social media

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