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# I will create your ComeUp thumbnail

Stand out with professionally crafted thumbnails
Is your brand image not living up to your ambitions?

Are you struggling to grab the attention of prospects on your profiles?

Do you want to boost the click-through rate on your ComeUp profile with attractive thumbnails?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then my thumbnail creation service is perfect for you!

## What you gain from having an attractive thumbnail.

Successful first impression: A high-quality and attractive thumbnail captures your audience's attention at first glance, making them eager to explore your content or service.
Consistent visual identity: By using a thumbnail in line with your branding, you strengthen your visual identity and credibility on ComeUp.
Increase in click-through rate: Optimized and targeted visuals showcasing your services grab users' attention, encouraging clicks on your content, potentially increasing views and clicks.
Better memorability: A quality and memorable image helps you stand out from the competition, reinforcing brand recognition.
Cross-platform distribution: Your thumbnails can be used on various service platforms, allowing you to consistently showcase your brand image across different sites.
## Why choose me for your thumbnails?

Professionalism and expertise: As an experienced graphic designer, I possess the skills and knowledge to create high-quality ComeUp thumbnails. I master graphic design techniques to create visually appealing and effective compositions.

Custom design: Entrusting me with your project means getting a personalized design that aligns with your identity and style. I consider your preferences, needs, and goals to create a unique thumbnail that sets you apart on ComeUp.

Visual coherence: I ensure that the thumbnail I create for you is consistent with your ComeUp profile and brand. I consider colors, fonts, graphic elements, and key messages in your niche to create a thumbnail that seamlessly integrates with your visual identity.

Attention-grabbing optimization: I know how to create ComeUp thumbnails that attract prospects' attention and prompt them to click on your service. I choose impactful images, catchy titles, and strategically placed visual elements to maximize the impact of your thumbnail and encourage clicks.

Deadline adherence: I understand the importance of time on the ComeUp platform. By entrusting me with your project, you can rely on me to meet agreed-upon deadlines. I will work efficiently to deliver a quality thumbnail within the specified timeframe.
## Who am I to create your thumbnails

I am *Willy Karol*, a digital art and audiovisual enthusiast, and I have been a Graphic Designer for 6 years, certified in Adobe Creative Cloud software (Photoshop and Illustrator). I also have knowledge and mastery of Adobe InDesign and Adobe Lightroom.
Over these 6 years, I have collaborated with Community Managers (CM) to promote the brand image of businesses, telecommunications operators, and individuals on social media and during internal and external communication campaigns.
I have also worked in a Publishing House and a printing press for the production of e-books and various communication materials such as flyers, banners, roll-ups, posters, business cards/birthday cards...
## Basic offer

For €15 , you will receive :
Proposal of one (01) thumbnail
Quality 300 dpi
Delivery in PNG or JPEG formats
Adherence to your graphic charter
Size 1280 px/720 px
Embedding your face in a setting
Embedding copyright-free images/illustrations.
2 possible revisions

Additional options
Delivery of the PSD source file: €10
1 additional thumbnail: €10
2 additional thumbnails: €15
3 additional thumbnails: €20
5 additional thumbnails: €35
7 additional thumbnails: €55
9 additional thumbnails: €65
10 additional thumbnails: €80

# FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions.

Who is this service for?
This service is for businesses, entrepreneurs, content creators, artists, and anyone looking to optimize their brand image and increase visibility on ComeUp. Whether you're a beginner or experienced on service platforms, I am here to help you stand out.

What do I need to create the thumbnail?
To create the thumbnail, I need your brand image, logos, colors, and fonts. If you don't have visual elements, I can provide suggestions based on your goals.

How will the delivery process work?
Once I have completed the creation of your thumbnail, I will send you a PNG or JPEG file. I can also provide you with the source files.

Is it possible to make revisions?
Yes, I offer revisions to ensure an optimal final result. If you have comments or modifications to make, I am committed to working with you until you are completely satisfied with the final result.

How can your service improve my web marketing on ComeUp?
My ComeUp thumbnail creation service allows you to present a professional and consistent image on your profiles, which can enhance your visibility and increase the click-through rate on your service.

How does the process of creating your thumbnails work?
I start by understanding your needs and goals for ComeUp thumbnail design. Then, I create unique and personalized designs for your profile.

How can I ensure that the thumbnails you create align with my brand?
I understand that your brand image is important for your business. That's why I work with you to ensure that every thumbnail I create for your profiles matches your visual identity and brand style.

I will create your ComeUp thumbnail

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La force de mon travail réside dans ma capacité d’observation, d’écoute et d’analyse, acquises au fil de mes années d’expérience professionnelle et personnelle, mais également grâce aux formations que j’ai suivies.

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