I will type 25 pages , Pdf conversion, copy paste, data entry

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I will convert 25 pages of PDF (locked, scanned, image, etc..) documents to Word (editable) or Image to text or any related file format.

Here is the list of services I offer:

Data Entry
Data Entry Specialist
Copy Paste Job Typing
Data Collection
Web Scraping
Data Scraping
Data Extraction
CRM Data Entry
Excel Data Entry
Microsoft Excel Expert
Data Merge, Data Cleaning, Cleanup & Data Formatting
Data Conversion
Pdf Conversion
Convert Pdf to Word
Convert Pdf to Excel
Excel Spreadsheet
MS Word Expert
Admin Support
Accurate Data Entry
Online Internet Research
Web Research Assistant, Researcher
Typing Jobs
Business Card Data Entry
Real Estate Data Entry

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I will type 25 pages , Pdf conversion, copy paste, data entry

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Graphic_X_Pro 22 mars 2024

“Hi everyone. My name is NADEEM and I am an experienced graphics designer having more than 8 years of experience in designing almost every sort of brand. I always focus on quality rather than quantity.
My expertise in Logo designing helps me design modern, unique, and amazing logos.”

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