I will make a vector portrait of you

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Hi, i am an experienced graphic designer graduated from Higher School of arts and i would like to offer you the service of vector digital portrait.
i would provide both pdf and png versions of the portrait.

as an experienced graphic designer, i am very excited to offer you my knowlege of this artistic domain.
with this simple basic offer, you will get an artwork of your portrait in a vector art style that i will create myself using vector software adobe illustrator.

the price is 10$ a portrait (one person) and i can deliver it within a day or two.
the price is doubled if there is two portraits in one photo.

I will make a vector portrait of you

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Arvid 2 days ago

“Hi, my name is Toufik from Frane. and i am a 23 year old Graphic DESIGN student who just want to offer his services for lower prices.”

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