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Hello ! My name is Daisy, and I'm passionate about travel. I trained as a tourist and have been working in the air transport industry for several years.

One day I was at a dinner party with some friends. After returning from a trip to Mauritius, they confided in me that "we suffered so much during the flight, my legs were so heavy, it's not possible to spend 10 hours like that"; which of course made me sad, but I also thought "yes, it is possible, you need to buy compression socks... but you should have known that beforehand". Hence the idea of sharing what I've learned over many years spent on planes, in airports, train stations and hotels in France, Europe and all over the world. The aim is that none of you should suffer because you weren't organized on a long-haul flight, or find yourself in the middle of the rainy season because summer in Europe doesn't mean great sunshine in Thailand either.

You will find all my knowledge and anecdotes into a 47-pages e-book, complete with data sheets, tables and photos.

The ebook will be sent to you in PDF format, compatible with any device (laptop, computer, tablet) and convenient to keep with you while traveling. You can also print it out and give it as a gift to your traveling friends or relatives who are about to go on vacation.

The book has the following topics:

- Choosing your destination
- When to go
- Entry formalities
- Estimating your budget
- Health precautions
- Travelling safely
- Destination identity card

- Flying
- Accommodation
- Means of transport
- Itinerary and list of activities
- Travel insurance

- Essential travel apps
- Saving money when traveling
- Alliances and frequent flyer programs
- Travel tips
- Fear of flying

- Hold baggage checklist
- Hand luggage essentials
- The first-aid kit
- 5 tips for booking a flight
- Budget sheet
- Pre-departure checklist

Delivery time is three days.
For more information, please contact me!

I will give you the traveler's guide e-book

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Daisy_td 22 mars 2024

“Je m’appelle Daisy, je suis passionnée des voyages, tourismes et aviation. Je travaille dans le milieu de l’aéroportuaire depuis des nombreuses années. Je vis pour les voyages, je pense voyages, je rêve voyages, je respire les voyages tous les jours. Entre un vol et l’autre, je pose mes valises à Lyon.”

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