I will professionally design your dashboard using Power BI

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Crafting an engaging and informative dashboard is crucial for businesses seeking to extract insights and make data-driven decisions. With my professional expertise in Power BI, I offer a comprehensive service that transforms raw data into visually compelling and interactive dashboards, empowering clients to unlock the full potential of their data.

My approach to dashboard design begins with a deep understanding of your business objectives and data requirements. Whether you're tracking sales performance, monitoring key performance indicators, or analyzing customer behavior, I tailor the dashboard to align with your specific needs. From data acquisition and cleansing to visualization and analysis, every step of the process is meticulously executed to deliver accurate and actionable insights.

Moreover, my commitment to excellence extends beyond the initial design phase. I provide ongoing support and maintenance to ensure that your dashboard remains up-to-date and relevant as your business evolves. Whether it's adding new data sources, refining existing visualizations, or troubleshooting issues, I am dedicated to ensuring the continued success of your dashboard initiative.

************************************ Basic offer*****************************************
1 page report or dashboard with 5 graphs at most
Your data from ONE SOURCE must be already cleaned, no transformation needed on my side .
See extra options for more services.

I need your data source in EXCEL, CSV or SQL format, your objectives or KPIs you want to visualize.

In return, you get a Power BI Desktop file (.pbix) containt your fancy dashboard.

So, what are you waiting for?!!!!

I will professionally design your dashboard using Power BI

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Toussinet 27 mars 2024

“As a statistician with three years of experience in the field, I have had the privilege of enhancing my education with a Master's degree in Biostatistics and Data Science, thereby expanding my expertise. Today, I am proficient in handling various aspects of data, including mathematical models for disease modeling, statistical models, and even machine learning and deep learning models for big data. Additionally, my linguistic capabilities extend to both French and English, enabling effective communication and collaboration with a diverse range of individuals. Honesty and quality work are values that I uphold, and I only rest when my clients, whether they are French or English speakers, are satisfied.”

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