I will perform an advanced bibliographic search on one or more scientific fields of your choice

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**Ready to Revolutionize Your Scientific Research? I offer advanced Bibliographic Research thanks to a method that I have developed over the years!**

**** Are you a **STUDENT** preparing your dissertation or thesis?

**** You are **RESEARCHER** and you want to save time?

**** Are you **BUSINESSMAN** and looking for the innovation that will take you off?

**** Are you a **CONTENT CREATOR** looking for new ideas?

**STUDENT, I am here to guide you and enrich your work, but I do not do your homework for you**

No matter what topic you are interested in, scientists have already published articles on the subject, but it is not always easy and fast to gather a list of documents containing the information we need.


I am an expert in research, development and innovation in cognitive neuroscience and health prevention, but my knowledge covers a wide range of scientific fields (e.g. AI, modeling, neuroscience, well-being, etc.).

During my PhD, I had to find and use more than 300 scientific references for my project. That’s when I set up a unique method to speed up my research.

I find between 20 and 30 quality scientific references on a subject, and that, in a few minutes to then be able to exploit them for a project.

Cumulating my PhD experience, my work in the artificial intelligence department of the Donders Institute in the Netherlands, my experience as a research and development manager in the EuraTechnologies and Eurasanté ecosystem, I had to do hundred bibliographic researches.

Thanks to my method, I was able to develop research and scientific innovation projects on topics such as:

- Visual perception
- Cognitive development;
- Study of brain electrical rhythms in electroencephalography;
- Health-appropriate physical activity;
- Management
- Mental health
- Well-being…

The quality of my research allowed me to finance more than 150k€ of research and innovation projects, and to obtain 7 project labeling in 5 years (Haut-de-France Region, DAI, Zellidja, Challenge Doc, Eurasanté - Clubster NSL, BPI, Huawei Digital Impulse Award).

I undertake to carry out your research with the same **SERIOUSNESS**, the same **PRECISION** and with the **PASSION** that has always driven me for scientific research.

Your bibliographic search is in good hands!


**Bibliographic search of 10 references (BASIC SERVICE)**

- Number of references (+ DOI link): 10
- Delivery format: PDF document
- Express delivery time: 2 days
- Cost: 100 €

**Bibliographic search of 20 references (BASIC SERVICE + 10)**

- Number of references (+ link): 20
- Delivery format: PDF document
- Express delivery time: 3 days
- Cost: +75€

**Bibliographic search of 30 references (BASIC SERVICE + 20)**

- Number of references (+ link): 30
- Delivery format: PDF document
- Express delivery time: 3 days
- Cost: +100€

**Organization of references**

I organize your references by scientific field so that you can distinguish the references necessary to understand your general theoretical framework and those specific to your subject of study.

- Delivery format: PDF document
- Delivery time: 4 days
- Cost: +100€

**Summary + How to use your references for your project**

I summarize the information contained in the references and indicate the possibilities of use for your project (e.g. innovative scientific methodology, interesting innovation project, etc.). I adapt to the profile and needs of each client.

- Summary: 500 words
- Delivery format: PDF document
- Delivery time: 5 days
- Cost: +100€


The majority of references will therefore be provided in this language

P.S.** Executive summary and proposal will be in English

I only provide the links to the references and not the pdf of the article. It can be protected by copyright. The links provided are DOI links giving you direct access to the article page in the relevant journal and its pdf. if it is available for free or through one of your subscriptions.

I maximize the number of links available for free, but it depends on the topic you are studying and the journals in which researchers in the field tend to publish.

**STUDENT? You should have access to articles through the subscriptions that your affiliated organizations have subscribed to.**

I remain available in ComeUp Chat for more information on my service

**Ready to power your work?** Contact me now for an exceptional scientific experience!

I will perform an advanced bibliographic search on one or more scientific fields of your choice

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MarcGodard 2 days ago

“Expert en recherche, développement et innovation avec une solide formation en neurosciences cognitives et prévention santé, je mets à profit mes compétences et mon expérience pour la réalisation de projet de recherche et d'innovation.

Fort de plusieurs années en tant que responsable de la recherche et du développement au sein d'une start-up lilloise, j'ai développé une expertise dans la conception, la mise en œuvre et l'évaluation de projets de recherche et d'innovation. Mes partenariats établis avec des laboratoires de recherche et des entreprises renforcent ma capacité à concrétiser des idées novatrices.

Mon parcours académique en psychologie cognitive et mon doctorat à l'Université de Lille attestent de ma capacité à diriger des protocoles scientifiques, à transférer les résultats de mes recherches et à dispenser des connaissances approfondies dans ces domaines.

Mes services comprennent :

1. La réalisation de recherches bibliographiques pour guider la mise en place de projets de recherche académique ou de projets d'innovation entrepreneuriale.

2. Un accompagnement à l'élaboration, la conception et la mise en place de mémoires de recherche (Licence 3, Master 1 et 2), ainsi qu'une aide à la rédaction et la réalisation de la soutenance.

3. Un accompagnement à la rédaction de projets de recherche et d'innovation, ainsi qu'à la rédaction de dossiers d'appel à projet

4. Un accompagnement au développement de ta personnalité et de ton accomplissement pour assurer une cohésion entre ton projet professionnel et qui tu es réellement !

5. Une assistance dans les choix de thérapies complémentaires grâce à ma formation aux INMs (interventions non médicamenteuses).

Mon approche intègre des compétences en gestion des ressources humaines, conseil, formation, communication en anglais et analyse de données. Ma connaissance approfondie en psychologie, cognition, neurosciences et prévention santé garantit une expertise scientifique de haut niveau dans toutes mes prestations.”

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