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**# Looking to outperform your competitors? Want to quickly and effectively boost your organic search and attract qualified, free traffic from Google?** Have you considered using artificial intelligence to write SEO-optimized blog articles?

In an increasingly competitive online market, having a strong online presence perfectly optimized for search engines is essential. That's where my AI-powered blog article writing service comes in.

With AI, I assure you that **your blog articles will not only be engaging for your readers but also optimized for SEO**. This means your site will be more visible to users searching for information on the topics you cover.

Don't waste time trying to decipher complex search engine algorithms. Google is a machine, so let a machine write your content... They'll speak the same language! By entrusting me with the writing of your SEO articles, you can focus on what really matters: creating quality content for your readers.

Don't wait any longer! Improve your organic search today by using my AI-optimized blog article writing service.


**## What are the benefits of AI writing?**

The benefits are numerous:

Articles will be engaging with accurate information.

Articles will have an ideal length (between 500 and 1000 words) for maximum SEO optimization.

Articles will be fully optimized for SEO: I provide a keyword to the machine for each article, and the AI takes care of complete optimization for the keyword.

Articles are more cost-effective: approximately €5 per article of 500 to 1000 words, reviewed by a human, compared to around €10 to €12 for an article written by a lower-quality human.

However, it's important to emphasize that AI is not infallible. Before delivery, I systematically review each article to avoid any inconsistencies.


**## Why choose my services?**

I am a technology enthusiast passionate about artificial intelligence. My main goal is to ensure that the final result perfectly meets your expectations. By placing an order, you will benefit from:

**My technical expertise:** Benefit from the experience of a passionate and skilled professional.

**AI-optimized writing:** Enjoy intelligently written content to maximize impact.

**SEO customization:** Get tailor-made SEO to improve your online visibility.

**Personalized collaboration:** Benefit from a customized approach to specifically meet your needs.

**Fast delivery:** Receive your articles and content quickly without compromising quality.


**## Options Details**

1 article €5
15 articles €40
50 articles €200
100 articles €300
Research of 50 keywords related to your activity €80
Research of 50 topics from a list of keywords €80
Integration of articles into your WordPress site €80
Addition of 1 AI image per article €100


** Frequently Asked Questions**

**Question:** I don't have article ideas.
**Answer:** If you lack article ideas but have SEO keywords, use the "Topic Research" option. In the absence of SEO keywords, select the "**Keyword Research**" option.

**Question:** Will the articles be 1000 words?
**Answer:** I don't just sell words; I contribute to **SEO optimization** for my clients' sites. While I can generate around 1000 words, the AI can produce more concise content if necessary. The main goal is to achieve exceptional SEO results by creating engaging and relevant articles, emphasizing quality over the quantity of words. Each article will contain at least 500 words.

**Question:** What should I provide?
**Answer:** Please provide me with the list of articles to be written (article titles). If you lack article ideas but have SEO keywords, use the "Topic Research" option. In the absence of SEO keywords, select the "**Keyword Research**" option.

**Question:** Is there a risk of duplicate content?
**Answer:** No, there will be no duplicate content in the articles.

**Question:** What results can I expect?
**Answer:** In terms of SEO, no absolute guarantee is possible. However, based on my experience, regularly publishing articles combined with effective site optimization tends to generate traffic.

**Question:** How often should I publish articles?
**Answer:** Some may recommend a publication frequency of one article per month or per week. However, if you have 50 articles ready to be published, I suggest publishing them simultaneously. This can significantly boost your results. Another strategy is to order, for example, 50 articles per month and publish them gradually each month. After a year, you will have 600 articles, an impressive strategy! This will make it difficult for your competitors to catch up.

**Question:** Is there a risk of Google penalty using AI-written articles?
**Answer:** No, Google has announced that AI-generated content can be indexed if deemed useful for users. In fact, Google is currently developing AI to provide answers directly in its search results.

**Question :** What will I receive?
**Answer :** If you do not select the "Integration of articles into your WordPress site" option or if you do not have a WordPress site, the articles will be delivered via the ComeUp messaging system as Word or PDF files.


** How to Place an Order?**

❶ Choose the offer you need by checking the appropriate box.
❷ Click the Order button below.
➌ A chat window will open for you to communicate your instructions.

**Order with confidence on COMEUP:**
*Once the order is placed, the money remains on the platform until the order is completed.*


** Have other questions?**

Contact me via the chat for quick answers or request an audio/video call directly on ComeUp.

Have an excellent day, and see you soon!

I will write your articles 100% SEO optimized with AI

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