I will extract targeted mails from Google Maps through web scraping

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As you know, Google Maps is a goldmine of information about businesses.

However, email addresses are not easily accessible, and it would take hours to retrieve everything manually.

But thanks to my expertise in web scraping and data extraction, I have created a powerful program that allows me to efficiently extract email addresses from businesses listed on Google Maps in real-time!



You provide me with locations (cities, regions, countries) and business sectors you want to retrieve, and within 48 hours, I will provide you with a file containing 500 businesses.

For each business, I will provide you with the following information:

Phone number



The process remains the same; you provide me with the locations and business sectors you're interested in, but in addition, you can choose options (listed at the bottom of the service).

Among these, you can increase the number of businesses you want to retrieve and obtain more information about the businesses, such as their social media profiles or others.



This service retrieves real-time results from Google Maps! Therefore, all results are recent, valid, and real. Most resellers have access to an outdated database, significantly reducing the validity rate of the results and potentially causing many issues. With my service, these concerns are non-existent!

My service is professional and complies with Google Maps' terms of use.

I am passionate about web scraping and have invested a lot of time and effort in developing my own customized program to extract the necessary data. Therefore, you can rest assured that you will get reliable and quality results.

Feel free to contact me to learn more about my service for scraping business email addresses on Google Maps. I will be delighted to answer your questions and help you achieve your business goals.



I will extract data from Google Map Web scraping (if you don't need the mails for all the business):

I will extract targeted mails from Google Maps through web scraping

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