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🌟Hey 👋, I'm Zohra, your UGC content creator! 🌈

I live to transform ideas into captivating visual content. With over 2 years of experience in the digital universe, I've had the immense pleasure of collaborating with more than a hundred brands 🚀, bringing a unique and authentic touch to each project.

Who am I? 🎨

I am a passionate content creator, a storyteller who firmly believes in the power of UGC videos to connect brands with their audiences in a deep and meaningful way. Each project is a new adventure for me, an opportunity to dive into a brand's universe and tell its story through the eyes of those who love it the most: its customers and fans.

My experience? 💼

Working with more than a hundred brands was not only an opportunity to showcase my skills but also a fantastic learning adventure. Each brand is a unique universe, and adapting their message into compelling UGC content has been my playground. From innovative startups to established companies, each project has strengthened my passion and dedication for creating content that resonates.

My passion? 🔥

Creating content is not just a job for me, it's my passion. I live for those moments when an idea turns into a visual story that can touch, inspire, and engage. I believe in creating UGC videos that don't just speak to people but communicate with them, creating an emotional connection that goes beyond mere viewing.

Why me? 🌟

Choosing to work with me means opting for a personalized and invested approach. Without a large team behind me, I pride myself on being involved in every step of the creative process, ensuring that each video is an authentic and personalized work of art. It's this personal touch that makes all the difference.

Proven Expertise: With a deep understanding of the digital landscape and ongoing success in various projects, I produce content that captivates and converts.

Personalized Approach: I work closely with you to understand your specific needs, ensuring that each video perfectly reflects your brand and message.

Flexibility and Quality: I quickly adapt to your timelines, offering high-quality creative solutions and the option for revisions on each project.

Videos in English: If your target is English-speaking, no problem! I am bilingual and can adapt my accent for an American or British audience.

What do I offer? 🎬

Service Description Price
1 video WITHOUT editing You provide the script, it must not exceed 10 seconds €5
1 video WITHOUT editing You provide the script, it can be up to 50 seconds €100
1 video WITH editing You provide the script, it can be up to 50 seconds €120
1 video WITHOUT editing I write the script, it can be up to 50 seconds €150
1 video WITH editing I write the script, it can be up to 50 seconds €170
I want an additional hook I add an additional hook to your script or mine (the rest of the script does not change) €20
I want the raw videos The rushes are sent to you €20
I want the video to be shot outdoors In the street, in a park, etc. €30
I want a pet in the video My cat Sky will be happy to shoot the video with me €30

Together, let's transform the visual into the exceptional!

If you're looking to energize your content strategy, create an authentic connection with your audience, and bring your brand to life in a unique and memorable way, I'm here for you. Let's embark on this creative adventure together!

🚀Ready to take your content to new heights? Contact me today! 💌

I will create your perfect UGC Video

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TOP, très bon travail ! merci

About the seller

La_Lea 11 hours ago

“✨ Je suis Zohra, votre spécialiste digital en transformation des idées en réalités visuelles époustouflantes. Ma mission est de faire briller votre marque dans l'univers numérique grâce à des vidéos UGC authentiques et percutantes. ✨

🦸🏻‍♀️ Mon Super Pouvoir ?
La fusion parfaite entre passion, innovation et une touche personnelle inégalée. Avec plus de 2 ans d'expérience et une collaboration avec plus d'une centaine de marques, je transforme chaque projet en une œuvre d'art numérique qui captive, engage, et inspire.

🤝 Ce que je vous apporte :
Des vidéos UGC qui ne se contentent pas d'attirer l'attention mais qui créent une véritable connexion avec votre public. Mon secret ? Une compréhension profonde de votre marque, une stratégie sur mesure, et une exécution impeccable.

🔥 Ma Promesse :
Vous offrir non seulement des vidéos qui racontent votre histoire, mais qui écrivent aussi le futur de votre succès. Je suis ici pour transcender les frontières du contenu traditionnel et élever votre message à des sommets inexplorés.

🙋🏻‍♀️ Pourquoi moi ?
Parce que dans ce monde digital en constante évolution, me choisir, c'est opter pour une partenaire qui combine créativité, stratégie et une passion ardente pour l'excellence. Ensemble, nous allons non seulement atteindre votre cible, mais aussi toucher les cœurs et marquer les esprits.

💫 Êtes-vous prêt à donner vie à vos idées ? À créer des campagnes qui résonnent et révolutionnent ?

Alors, ne cherchez plus ! Rejoignez-moi dans cette aventure créative et ensemble, faisons rayonner votre marque comme jamais auparavant.

🚀 Let’s go !”

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