I will make interactive charts for your blog with Datawrapper

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Bring Your Blog Posts to Life with Interactive Charts!

What You Get:
- Data Formatting: I can work with various data formats, including spreadsheets (Excel, Google Sheets) or raw text files.
- Interactive Chart Creation: Using Datawrapper, I design one (1) chart that best suit your data and content.
- Customization: Choose from a variety of chart types and colors to match your blog's aesthetic
- Clear Communication: I add labels, annotations, and tooltips for easy understanding.

Benefits of Interactive Blog Chart:
- Increased Engagement: Interactive elements keep readers exploring your data, leading to longer visits.
- Improved Clarity: Visuals simplify complex information, enhancing your message's impact.
- Boosted Credibility: High-quality charts add professionalism and authority to your blog.
- Enhanced Sharing: Interactive charts are more likely to be shared on social media, expanding your reach.

Examples of Charts I Create:
- Bar charts (compare categories)
- Line charts (show trends over time)
- Pie charts (illustrate proportions)
- Scatter plots (identify relationships)
- Maps (visualize data geographically)

The service will be rendered to you in the form of a Word document containing the following components: a high-quality image designed for insertion into your blog (please be advised that it is a static data visual), SEO optimized text for each chart, a hyperlink to the published visualization hosted by Datawrapper, and an iframe embed code for inclusion in your blog's coding (with the latter two being interactive elements). Detailed instructions on the usage of each component will be provided within the Word document.

- The standard service includes one (1) chart, without any data cleaning or preparation, and lacks search engine optimization (SEO) optimized text.
- Requests involving over 30 rows of spreadsheet or query data per chart will not be considered.
- SEO-optimized text is restricted to a maximum of 60 words per chart.
- Only one free round of modifications is permitted post-delivery.
- Custom logos and fonts are not available

I will make interactive charts for your blog with Datawrapper

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Samuel_Ji 13 mai 2024

“My name is Samuel J., an independent data analyst specializing in the use of Datawrapper to transform intricate data into visually engaging graphics. I possess a background in electrical engineering combined with proficient data analytics skills, enabling me to extract valuable insights for your projects. Through my expertise in creating interactive and compelling visuals, I can ensure that your data effectively communicates with any audience.”

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