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#Transform your WooCommerce store into an exceptional shopping experience with a tailor-made redesign, designed to maximize your online impact.

The **WooCommerce Store Redesign** is about maximizing the potential of your online store with a tailor-made **WooCommerce Redesign**. Optimized design, navigation and functionality for optimal conversions. Take your store to the next level now!

You are probably in the ideal place!

So are you one of the following cases:

Are you looking to renovate your **Online store**?

Do you want to optimize your visibility to attract and convert a growing customer base?

Would you like to integrate new features into your **Woocommerce store** and stay at the forefront of current trends?

You probably answered “YES” to one of these questions, you need to keep reading

## Why did you ask me and not other web developers?

**Specialized expertise:** Since I am a web developer, I first have skills in **Woocommerce Store creation**, design then in **SEO**. In addition, during my career in an agency, I was always able to do the **Woocommerce Store redesign**
On the other hand, these three skills are essential, my work was appreciated by clients and they always asked me for work related to the **Woocommerce Boutique redesign**.

**My responsiveness:** I always respond reactively to my customers and I completely understand that not everyone has this capacity for patience.

**My sense of professionalism:** Each project that is presented to me, I take it seriously, paying attention to detail, I work on it as if it were mine afterwards, I am like your doctor who listens to you, able to relieve you of your sorrows.

**My availability:** I am always available during the progress of your **Woocommerce Boutique redesign** project until the end, open-minded.

**I am willing to learn:** Like any living being, it may happen that I make mistakes during the **Woocommerce Store redesign** and for this, I am open to criticism plus it will help me to improve further in my career as a **web developer**.

## Why does your WooCommerce store need Redesign?

The **Woocommerce Shop redesign** is done when:

Outdated design: If your site has an outdated design, it can give a negative impression to visitors and not reflect the modern brand image of your company or business.

Limited usability: A site that is difficult to navigate or unintuitive can frustrate users, dissuade them from staying on your site, and reduce conversions.

Mobile Incompatibility: If your site is not optimized for mobile devices, you risk losing traffic as more and more people use smartphones and tablets to browse the internet.

Poor performance: A slow-loading **Woocommerce Store** can discourage visitors and affect your search engine rankings.

Outdated content: If the information on your Store is not up to date, it can damage the credibility of your business and give the impression of neglect.

Lack of features: If your store doesn't offer the features needed to meet your users' needs, it can limit their satisfaction and engagement.

Security Issues: An unsecured **online store** may be vulnerable to hacker attacks, compromising user data privacy.

Evolved Business Goals: If your business goals have changed since your website was created, a redesign may be necessary to better reflect and support them.

The **Woocommerce Store Redesign** can help resolve these issues and provide an improved user experience, stronger branding, and better conversion opportunities*.

## But thanks to this service, you will benefit from:

Complete transformation: Breathe new life into your **WooCommerce store** with a complete overhaul that optimizes design, navigation and functionality.

Improved User Experience: Provide your customers with a seamless, intuitive and engaging shopping experience, driving higher conversions and increased loyalty.

Professional and attractive design: Attract the attention of your audience with a modern, aesthetic and coherent design that reinforces the credibility of your **online store**.

Adaptability and responsiveness: Your store adapts perfectly to all devices and screen sizes, providing an optimal user experience on mobile, tablet and computer.

Advanced featuresCustomized advanced features such as payment options, marketing tools, integrations with third-party services, to meet the specific needs of your store.

SEO Optimization: Improve the visibility of your online store in search engines with an optimized structure, relevant meta tags and improved technical performance.

Save time and effort: Entrust your store redesign to experienced professionals, allowing you to focus on other essential aspects of your business.

Competitive advantage: Stand out from your competitors with a redesigned WooCommerce store, providing a unique and engaging experience for your customers.

Support and guidance: Benefit from personalized support and guidance throughout the redesign process, to ensure that your needs and objectives are fully met.

## Now you have 2 choices:

Choice 1: Choose for yourself to do the **Woocommerce Store redesign** then you will make mistakes and then correct yourself or either convey an **unprofessional image** of you.

Choice 2: You opt for a professional and thus give yourself a professional **brand image*, attract the chance of having more customers, appear on the **first page**, **be visible**.

Results: an increase in **visit rate** and **clicks**, **conversion rate**, an increase in your sales.

If you prefer choice 2, here is what I offer you

## Pricing

For €5: I will do the **Woocommerce Shop redesign**

I will redesign your WooCommerce store (home page) only.

## But it’s not over ! I offer you additional options tailored to your needs.

Woocommerce Renovation Pack

''With this pack, I offer a complete overhaul of your online store, allowing you to adopt a brand new design in 2024 to strengthen your credibility.

✤ BONUS: Redesign of 10 product sheets.

Exhaustive inventory of actions to take.

Restructuring and cleaning your store.

Redesign of 5 pages of your choice (Home, Shop, Contact, etc.).

Modification and re-design of existing elements.

Implementation of new colors adapted to 2024.

Implementation of new fonts.

Design optimization.

Redesign of the Shopping Cart page.

Redesign of the Payment page.

Redesign of the order validation page (checkout).

GDPR compliance.

Site adapted for mobiles and tablets.

Integration of your logo and favicon.

Securing the site with an SSL certificate (https).

Added a contact form.

Training in Back Office administration (dashboard management).

Up to 02 modifications possible
Blog option (+50€)

Addition or redesign of the Blog section on your online store.

Includes the creation or redesign of 5 articles (the textual content of the articles must be provided by you of 250 words max).

Creation of 4 classified categories.

Optimization and configuration of your blog.

Price: 75€

## IMPORTANT ! In order to redesign your Store, I will need administrator access to your WordPress dashboard (I can assist you if necessary).

Costs related to the acquisition of additional themes or plugins will be your responsibility.

## For integration needs of additional options

Installation of an optimal WordPress theme adapted to your project (selected by me) - €25

Redesign or Creation of 5 optimized product sheets (writing of 250 words max) including up to 4 sections + integration of your content (texts, logo and images provided by you) - €65

Configuration of search engine optimization (H1, H2, H3 tags, etc.) of pages (Home, Shop, Contact) - 60€

Creation or redesign of the navigation menu - €40

Updating the header - same header of 5 pages of your site - €40

Footer update - same footer of 5 pages of your - €40

Insertion of up to 4 articles of 400 words max (provided by you) - €50

Blog option - Integration of a blog page (3 articles of 400 words max) - €50

Integration of the Yoast SEO Plugin - €40

Integration of a contact form - €40

Responsive site for different screen sizes - €25

3 modifications (texts, colors) - €50

Unlimited modifications (texts, colors, layout) - €100

SSL certificate (HTTPS) - €20

Yoast SEO configuration - SEO integration for each page (Home, Shop, Contact) - €75

Integration and configuration of a GDPR plugin (Required for all sites!) - €40

Geolocation of your activity (map) - €40

Search forup to 10 royalty-free images and addition - 40€

Woocommerce option - Plugin integration and configuration - €70 with configuration of essential parameters.

Woo Pack 1 - Integration of 10 products - €40 + optimized description (writing of 250 words max for SEO)

Woo 2 Pack - Integration of 20 products - €50 + optimized description (writing of 250 words max for SEO) for SEO

Woo 3 Pack - Integration of 50 products - €100 + optimized description (writing of 250 words max for SEO) for SEO

Categories Option - Creation of categories for your products - €50

Woo Products Pack 1 - Integration of associated products for 20 items - 2 associated products per item - €30

Payment Option - Integration of a payment module of your choice (PayPal, Stripe, etc.) - €40

Wishlist option - Integration and configuration of a wishlist - €35

Integration and configuration of a product comparator - €35

## My guarantee

I am committed to providing you with a **Woocommerce Boutique redesign** of higher quality than your expectations, while respecting everything listed in the pack. If after receiving delivery, you notice any imperfections I will rectify them at no additional cost.

## It’s up to you to decide now!

Ready to take action and benefit from a **Woocommerce Store redesign** online with **WooCommerce**

Place your order now in 3 simple steps!

1. Select the options that suit you

2. Click on the ''order'' button at the bottom of this description

3. Send me your instructions in the chat integrated into your order.

4. Then I finish the **Woocommerce Shop redesign** online with **WooCommerce** and I give you access.

And it’s just like child’s play!

## Do you have any questions?

Please let me know about your concerns regarding **Woocommerce Store redesign**, by clicking on the white “Contact Seller” button. I respond as soon as possible.

As for me, I will be very happy to work with you!



## Q1: How can I place an order?

A1: : To place an order, simply follow these steps:

1. Choose the option that matches your needs, for example: Woo 2 Pack - Integration of 20 products - €50 + SEO-optimized description

2. Select the “Order” option

3. Proceed to payment using your credit card or PayPal.

4. I will receive notification of your order then I will begin.

I will do Woocommerce Store redesign

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“+ 4 ans d’expérience en marketing digital.

Disponible en appel direct sur ComUp

Certifié par les ateliers de Google numérique (certifié par Google).

Contactez-moi maintenant !

Hello , je suis Casimir et je suis Spécialiste en marketing digital depuis 4 ans d’expérience.

Je possède d'excellent compétences en :

Création de site web/Ecom avec Wordpress et Webflow

Création de site web/E-Com avec Shopify

Conception de Chat Bot intelligent

Création de Tunnel de vente

Facebook et Tik Tok Ads et Vidéo Pub Ads

J’ai développé ces compétences en travaillant dans une agence web depuis 3 ans se trouvant en France et aussi grâce à mon sens d’apprentissage continu, passionné par mon métier, je me met en freelance pour vous aider dans vos différents projets.

Je maîtrise parfaitement les outils de travail au quotidien comme le fond de ma poche à savoirs : Wordpress , Shopify , Système.io , Botpress , Figma , Webflow , et Canva.

Je reste convaincu que le marketing digital reste un levier pour la croissance de votre business et je vous aiderai à l'implémenter dans votre processus afin que vous vous positionniez sur votre marché et faire plus de ventes.

J’ai acquis 3 ans d’expériences de travail et d’apprentissage en marketing digital dans une agence Web puis en parallèle, je me mets en freelance à présent pour vous accompagner dans vos projets.

Passionné de mon métier qui est spécialiste en marketing, j’ai appris sur le terrain et aussi grâce à mon autodidacte, je suis fière de moi par le fait que je fais ce que j’aime.

Ce qui me permet d'ailleurs d’offrir des prestations de qualité et supérieures à vos attentes.

Durant mon parcours en agence Web , mes travaux ont été appréciés par des clients et me sollicitaient toujours pour des travaux en rapport au développement Web.

Je ne possède pas seulement des compétence mais je partage aussi des valeurs à savoirs :

ma réactivité

mon sens de professionnalisme

ma disponibilité

je suis reprochable

En plus travailler avec moi, c’est bénéficier de :

une expertise d’un professionnel qui maîtrise son domaine

une garantie satisfait ou remboursée

je suis toujours en quête de connaissances et d’innovation

confidentialité de vos projets

Toujours disposé à l’écoute de vos besoins comme votre docteur, j’échange avec vous durant le temps de réalisation de votre projet. Vous apprenez toujours avec moi sur mon expertise et expérience.

Je serai vraiment content de vous compter parmi mes clients !

Contactez-moi maintenant sans hésitation pour discuter plus et sur votre projet”

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