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As a seasoned data analyst, I am adept at creating impactful maps for your location data utilizing Datawrapper. If you are unsure of how to visualize geospatial trends, allow me to adeptly transform your data into clear, interactive maps that unveil insights and engage your audience.

I am pleased to offer interactive symbol maps, choropleth maps, and locator maps to enhance the visualization of your location data.

Say goodbye to the challenges of working with spreadsheets and static images. Allow me to convert your data into dynamic, interactive maps using Datawrapper.

Included in my basic offer are the following key features:

- A customized map design: You have the option to select from symbol maps (emphasizing specific locations), choropleth maps (representing data by region), or locator maps (identifying key areas).
- Seamless integration of data: Simply provide your data in CSV, Geojson, Topojson or Excel format, and I will take care of the rest.
- Interactive functionality: Zoom in, hover over, and click on map elements to delve into your data in-depth.
- Professional aesthetics: Engaging visuals that effectively convey your message.

The process is straightforward:

1. Provide your data and specify your preferred map type.
2. Discuss any specific design requirements.
3. I will create your map and deliver it within 2 days.

Ready to harness the potential of your location data? Place your order today and experience the impact of a compelling map!

Get Two Stunning Interactive Maps Created From Your Data for Only $10!

Transform your spreadsheets into clear, interactive maps that effectively convey information. Utilizing Datawrapper, I specialize in crafting bespoke visualizations that enhance the presentation of your location data.

Included in this package for a nominal fee of $10:

* Two personalized map data visualizations (options include symbol, choropleth, or locator maps).
* Swift turnaround time - Receive your maps within two business days!
* Unlimited revisions - I will make adjustments until you are completely satisfied (within the order week).
* Seamless integration - You will receive a detailed Word document containing map links, iframe snippets, and simple usage instructions.

This offer is particularly suited for:

* Highlighting specific locations on a map.
* Illustrating data variances across different regions.
* Identifying key points of interest.

For additional features, consider the following optional add-ons:

* Extra Maps (+ $10 for every two maps) - Expand your visual storytelling capabilities.
* Data Entry (+ $10) - Allow me to assist in organizing your data.
* Data Cleaning & Formatting (+ $10) - Ensure that your data is prepared for visualization.

Ready to leverage the potential of your location data? Place your order today and witness the impact that compelling maps can have!

Kindly note that I am unable to work with data sets exceeding 200 rows per map and custom logos are not currently available.

I will do map data visualization with datawrapper

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“My name is Samuel J., an independent data analyst specializing in the use of Datawrapper to transform intricate data into visually engaging graphics. I possess a background in electrical engineering combined with proficient data analytics skills, enabling me to extract valuable insights for your projects. Through my expertise in creating interactive and compelling visuals, I can ensure that your data effectively communicates with any audience.”

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