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Online doctor and clinic appointment booking offers a range of advantages for both patients and medical facilities.
Here are some of the key benefits:

⚀ Convenience and Accessibility: Patients can schedule appointments 24/7 from anywhere with an internet connection.
This eliminates the need to call during clinic hours or wait on hold.

⚀ Flexibility: Patients can often view available appointment slots and choose a time that best fits their schedule.

⚀ Improved Patient Experience: Online booking empowers patients to manage their healthcare. They can browse available slots, choose their preferred doctor, and schedule appointments that fit their busy schedules.

⚀ Reduced Waiting Times: With better visibility into appointment availability,.

⚀ Improved communication: Many online booking systems allow patients to provide relevant medical information or concerns ahead of the appointment.
which can help the doctor prepare and provide more efficient care.

⚀ Increased Revenue and Reduced Administrative Costs for Clinics: Online booking can streamline the appointment process, leading to more appointments booked and potentially higher revenue for the clinic.Online booking systems can automate appointment scheduling,freeing up staff time for other tasks.

Overall, online doctor booking and appointment systems offer a range of benefits that make accessing healthcare more convenient, accessible, and efficient for both patients and healthcare providers.

I will create an online clinic doctor booking for your hospital or medical center.
I've been a WordPress developer for 10 years.

BASIC OFFER: (+€500)

➞ I will install the Crocobloc plugin, all options with the yearly plan.
➞ I will install Elementor Original Page Builder; there is an Advanced Plan with all features. It is for the buyer to purchase the Crocobloc plugin and subscription plan.
→ The theme will be included in the Crocobloc subscription plan.
→ I will install WooCommerce, a free and powerful e-commerce add-on.
➞ Installation of whole web pages:
1. Home Page
2. Departments and Services Pages
3. Doctors List and Single Doctor Pages
4. Contact and About us Pages
5. Appointment Pages (General, Doctor, and Service)
➞ I will install four main payments gateways (cash, Paypal, Stripe, and Crypto)(*)
➞ The number limit of doctors is 5.
➞ The number limit of departments is 5 (Neurology, Urology...,Cardiology)
➞ The number limit of services is 4 per department (Neurology: Neuromuscular Disorders, Child Neurology, General Neurology).

OPTION ONE: (+€ 500)
➞ The number limit of doctor is 10
➞ The number limit of departments is 10
➞ The number limit of services is 6 per department

OPTION TWO: (+€ 1000)
➞ The number limit of doctor is 20
➞ The number limit of departments is 20
➞ The number limit of services is 10 per department

I will create an online doctor booking and clinic services appointment website

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