I will design for you a flyer, poster and brand identity

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Hi, I am a Graphic Designer with over 4(years) of experience with two different organizations with proven track records of achievements and success.

Expertise: i am a visual communication expert with extensive knowledge in flyers and logos designs, branding campaigns and more, infact i have over 400 hundred designs.

Skills: In addition to logo design and branding work, I am also a skilled illustrator.
As part of my job as a graphic designer, I work with clients in three major ways:

To develop an overall brand identity or style guide (including color palette) that will be used across all marketing collateral produced by your business or organization;

To create designs for specific pieces of collateral such as business cards or brochures; and/or

To iterate on existing designs so they better reflect the brand voice established in step 1 above.

Tool Knowledge: In addition to my graphic design skills, I have extensive knowledge of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. These tools allow me to create high-quality designs quickly and efficiently.

Passion: I'm passionate about what I do because it allows me to help others succeed in their business endeavors.

I will design for you a flyer, poster and brand identity

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Allen_O_Daniel 18 mai 2024

“I am a Focused, diligent, intelligent, & a motivated young man with Four
(4) years + experience in Visual communication(Graphic Design & Branding) even as a B.tech holder in Computer Sciences. I am creative, positive minded and productive. I will ensure to deliver with uttermost professionalism.”

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