I will design stunning digital mockups to promote your product launches

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Introducing the Ultimate Digital Mockups, Groupshot Bundles: Unlock the Power to Promote Your Products, Services, or Launches!

Are you looking to make a lasting impression and drive results with your promotions? Look no further! I am here to create a Stunning Digital Mockups that will take your marketing efforts to new heights.

With my expertise in design and marketing, I'll craft a complete package with eye-catching visuals. Whether you're promoting products, services or launching a new business or training course, this package will provide you with the ideal creative you need to captivate your audience and generate enthusiasm.

The basic digital mockups is composed of 5 stunning design models.

Which mockup templates will I use to design your stunning digital mockups? :

- Boxshot
- Sotfware Box 3D
- Book Cover
- Large Screen
- Special Box
- Monitor
- Laptop
- Phone
- Tablet or Ipad
- Watch
- DVD Box

► Who I am?
Why choose me for this service "I will design digital mockups or groupshot bundles to promote your products or launches" for only €50?

I'm Valérie, an experienced Graphic Designer among other things, so don't hesitate to read my detailed BIO on ComeUp. I'm always on the lookout for new trends, and keep up to date with them so I can offer my customers the very best.

By choosing my Graphic Designer Services, you are guaranteed to receive quality work, attentive listening, and respected delivery deadlines.
The art of digital design has been my passion for over 15 years.
Each graphic element will be carefully tailored to reflect your brand's unique personality and showcase the value of your offerings.

I am confident that my designs will help you stand out from the competition. Order now and let me help you launch your product successfully!

► What you will receive for €50:

- One proposal for digital mockups, composed of 5 design models
- Each element composing the digital mockups or the final Groupshot Bundles be delivered in the format (compressed png files in high resolution 300 dpi resolution).
- Adherence to your graphic charter (if defined in the specifications)
- Delivery within 2 days
- Contact me for a personalized offer: Your satisfaction is my only priority

Don't settle for ordinary promotions. Elevate your marketing game with the power of the Ultimate Digital Mockups. Let's work together to create a captivating package that will make a lasting impact on your target audience.

► My options:

- I will create a 2 second proposal: 2 animated digital mockups
- Compressed png files in high resolution 300 dpi resolution + GIF
- Delivery within 3 days

- 3 marketing visuals to sell your products (give me the texts and/or prices to integrate)
- Compressed png files in high resolution 300 dpi resolution, printing-ready
- Delivery within 3 days

- I will create a best proposal: 3 animated digital mockups
- Compressed png files in high resolution 300 dpi resolution + GIF
- Delivery within 5 days

Together, we will customize the Ultimate Mockup Bundle to perfectly align with your goals and deliver impressive results.
Contact me for a personalized offer: Your satisfaction is my only priority.

Creatively yours,

I will design stunning digital mockups to promote your product launches

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VTHEditions Il y a 1 heure

“BIO also available in English!

"Élevez votre communication visuelle au niveau supérieur avec des designs sur-mesure et des prestations raffinées. Spécialisée dans la conception numérique pour vos supports de communication, je mets ma créativité à votre service pour vous livrer une prestation de qualité premium, quel que soit votre projet. Je vous accompagne aussi dans la création d'images de shooting d'exception pour tous vos produits e-commerce entre autres. Je travaille en français ou en anglais selon vos besoins pour donner vie à vos projets de communication. Contactez-moi pour une offre personnalisée !

► Qui suis-je ?

Bonjour, je suis Valérie, entrepreneure basée en Normandie. Après des études de commerce, j'ai exercé des fonctions de cadre dirigeant dans l'industrie tout en étant une jeune élue locale de 1989 à 2007. En 1992, je suis candidate aux élections régionales face à un ancien PM. En août 1996, j'ai le bonheur de célébrer le mariage civil de ma maman. Lors de mon 3ème mandat municipal, je serai en charge de l'emploi.

En 2001, je fonde et prends la présidence d'un groupement d'employeurs afin de valoriser les compétences des salariés dans la circonscription où j'exerçais des fonctions de DRH France pour mon Groupe (en 2024, ce GE continue de créer de l'emploi chaque mois). En désaccord avec la stratégie de délocalisation en Asie et dans les pays de l'Est, je quitte le comité exécutif de mon Groupe fin 2005. Je suis fière d'avoir recrutée plusieurs centaines de talents dans ma carrière, du Braseur/Soudeur au Directeur Financier !

En janvier 2006, je crée ma 1ère société et j'embaucherai mon 1er vidéaste afin d'implanter des Web TV interactives pour valoriser les forces vives territoriales (Artisans, Commerçants, TPE, PME, Associations et Institutionnels)...

Mon esprit d'entreprise, mes capacités d'adaptation et mes passions pour le numérique m'ont permis de me former aux différents logiciels et techniques de conception numérique & marketing. Je reste en veille pour tester de nouvelles solutions afin d'être à la pointe des nouvelles technologies, notamment l'intelligence artificielle.

Privilégiez le choix d'un professionnel sur ComeUp pour avoir la garantie d'avoir un partenariat gagnant !

Contactez-moi pour une offre personnalisée,


Take your visual communication to the next level with customized designs and refined services. Specializing in digital design for your communication media, I put my creativity at your service to deliver a premium quality service, whatever your project. I can also help you create exceptional shooting images for all your e-commerce products, among others. I work in French or English, depending on your needs, to bring your communication projects to life. Contact me for a personalized quote!

►Who am I?

Hello, I am Valérie, entrepreneur based in Normandy. After studying business, I held managerial positions in industry while also being a young local elected official from 1989 to 2007. In 1992, I was nominated to run against a former Prime Minister in the Haute-Normandie regional elections. In August 1996, I had the pleasure of celebrating my mother's civil wedding. In my 3rd municipal term, I'll be in charge of employment.

In 2001, I found and take an employers' association in order to promote the skills of talents in the district where I was serving as the HR Director for France for my Group (in 2024, this GE continues to create jobs every month)). In disagreement with the company's strategy of outsourcing to Asia and Eastern Europe, I left my Group's executive committee end 2005. I'm proud to have recruited several hundred talented people in my career, from Brazers/Selders to CFOs!

In january 2006, I set up my 1st company and hired my 1st videographer. I'll be setting up interactive Web TVs to promote the region's vital forces ( Artisans, Shopkeepers, Small businesses, PMEs and Institutions)...

My entrepreneurial spirit, my adaptability and my passion for digital have allowed me to train in the various software and techniques of digital design & marketing. I stay up-to-date by testing new solutions to stay at the forefront of new technologies, including artificial intelligence.

Choose a ComeUp professional for a guaranteed winning partnership!

Contact me for a personalized offer,

Take advantage of a free month's subscription to ComeUp Plus offers with my sponsor code. My ComeUp sponsor code: 7oGsANV9"”

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