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💡I will compose your custom music, and you will be able to choose each of the musical elements and adjust every detail of the final result. I can compose any style of music (hip-hop/drill, reggae, pop etc... ).

Why should I be chosen to compose your music ?

🎵 I have been composing instrumentals for several years, and selling my compositions for 4 years. Today I offer you to compose your own custom music.
With several years of composition in contact with artists, I know that each project has its particularity and requires a rigorous work.

🤝Whatever you have in mind, I will do my best to make your project exactly as you imagine it. When we're done, your music will be professionally enhanced and ready to be shared with the world.

You own all the exclusive rights after the musical composition.

🛠️ How does the order process work?

  • First of all, you'll need to give me all the information I need to produce your music. You can also give me examples to inspire me if you want.

  • Then I'll send you the instruments I've composed as I go along, so you can be sure that** everything is just as you expect it to be**.

  • When the music meets your expectations and there's nothing left to change, I send you the result, and** the order ends as soon as you confirm that you've received the final audio file**.

📦 For an order without option :

  • The music lasts a maximum of 5 minutes.
  • File quality: .mp3.
  • My TAG will be present on the music.
  • 1 melody, 1 bass, 1 percussion track.
  • Basic quality mix (EQ + Reverb if needed).
  • You will own ALL the musical rights on the music.

⚙️ What are the options :

  • Remove my Tag on the beat :
    Remove my BeatMaker TAG on the instrumental.

  • Get the .waw:
    Delivers the instrumental in .waw quality.

  • Add 2 instruments:
    Adds the possibility to compose 2 more instruments on the instrumental.

  • Add 4 instruments:
    Adds the possibility to compose 4 more instruments on the instrumental.

  • Mixing + :
    Higher quality of the instrument mix (in addition to the basic reverb and EQ, I take care of the compressors and all the possible addable effects that will make the mix of a more accurate quality).

  • Have the music tracks:
    Delivering a folder containing all the separate tracks of the beat, in quality coinciding with the choice of options (.mp3 or .waw).

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