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I will create EDU/GOV backlinks for more traffic

Remember that it's not the quantity that counts for Google but the quality of the links created. The links are created on international sites.

For 45€, I will create 7 edu/gov from your DA50+ link (URL), these links are 100% safe. Every ED.U backlink package comes with a detailed report.


EDU/GOV Links Price
✅11 links in total 75 €
✅ 20 links in total 145 €
✅50 links in total 185 €
✅ 100 links in total 225 €

Features of edu/gov backlink :

  • 100 Authority Link Building
  • 100% Dofollow backlinks
  • Indexable backlinks
  • 100% Panda and Penguin safe
Why choose this service and what do you expect from it?

You are looking to diversify your backlink profile and significantly improve your rankings with these strong links.

This will serve to strengthen the quality elements of your site and the way Google sees your site : your trust flow, your domain autority will be improved.

❗But be careful, we are not talking about buying 500 or 1000 .edu/gov backlinks because Google's robots know that it is impossible to get this kind of backlinks in large numbers and in a short time.

How to get backlinks?
Your website is relevant but you are not well referenced in the search engine.
The easiest way is to get backlinks (links to your site or inbound links) but you still need to find quality backlinks that will not make you catch a penalty by Google.
You have to be careful when buying links because many of them are of poor quality.

⛔By doing this, we reduce our score with Google!
Think about it, it's not the number that counts.

Will Google put your site on the first page with only a few .edu links behind light content ? Probably not. The content of your site remains the number 1 value for Google and first of all the content that must be constantly enriched.

My .edu backlinks are 100% Panda and Penguin safe, which will help you rank in search engines and get more traffic. Google loves .edu/gov backlinks because they are very hard to get.

Why are .Edu/Gov Backlinks powerful?

When creating backlinks, you should look for certain qualities: relevant domain authority, low (or no) spam score, high citation flow and trust flow, etc. If you've been in SEO for a while, you already know this. You are systematically looking to create an Optimized SEO for your site.

A quick reminder on the essentials of SEO and optimization :

  • The keywords are chosen carefully (volume, competition), they will serve as anchor text for your inbound links
  • The number of links: the important thing, more than the number, is the quality of those links, and they should be in the theme of your site
  • Verification and repair or removal of your broken links
  • Your tags (meta, alt, H1, H2...) will be checked
  • Your content will be of quality and unique
  • Your internal linkage will be efficient so that Google's robots can find it

✅ Now here's the interesting part. Most .edu backlinks will check all the boxes required for a high quality backlink, for example:

To get an .edu domain extension, you must be an accredited educational institution (making the domain harder to reach and more valuable).

.edu domains tend to publish high quality, authoritative information that Google loves

Top .edu domains often have tons of links pointing to them, increasing their domain authority scores: guaranteeing our very high quality DA/PA links (above 30)

For what benefits?

Beyond the internal mesh (internal links), you know, it should seek quality external links.
The webmaster works to create inbound links to improve the positioning, the search results in search engines and especially Google.
Google's algorithm scans the pages of your site (web page) to note the quality content, user experience, backlinks dofollow and nofollow to reference or not your site.

You will quickly improve therecognition by Google of your notoriety and your DA (domain autority) will climb (SEO site optimization).

It is your SEO that will climb in Google which means more visitors to your site.

Indexation and targeted keywords

This additional feature can produce up to 80% faster rankings without any additional "work" on your part.
You will be able to get MORE page 1 rankings even FASTER and leave your competitors behind.
It's a simple technique but can produce SPECTACULAR results for your rankings and profits!
Link building will get you ranked higher on Google, but combine it with indexing and you have the ultimate recipe for a Google ranking boost!

🟢Simply put, indexing boosts your site's authority!

It's been proven that when you run a link building campaign on your sites or videos, only about 20-25% of those links transmit ranking juice to the web property you are trying to rank.

That means you're losing 75-80% of the effort you put in.

🟢However, when you add indexing to the mix, you can start getting 50, 60, 70 or even 80% of the ranking power of your campaigns

Why Trust Me?

💚More than 1400 positive reviews
💚Quality and risk free
💚 I only produce very high quality edu/gov.(backlinks) links . A guarantee of seriousness for your SEO!
💚 My know-how is proven for a long time and adapted to each change operated by Google.
💚I regularly write articles on this expert site: https://comeup.com/experts

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We will of course continue to exchange via chat throughout the order process.
**You will not be alone, I am here to accompany you throughout the process.

I am delighted to work for you

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