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Gain significant visibility with an SEO-optimized WooCommerce E-commerce store!

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🎯 Are you a business owner or a store owner?
🎯 Do you want to create a professional E-commerce or dropshipping website?

🎯 Are you looking to build an SEO-optimized WooCommerce store?

🎯 Are you seeking a more cost-effective alternative to other CMS platforms?

If you answered 'Yes' to any of these questions, you're in the right place! With my WooCommerce store creation service using WordPress, I can assure you that your goals will be achieved.

What some of my clients are saying about ComeUp:

I am very satisfied with NewGate. He has shown professionalism and great attentiveness. Thank you very much for this high-quality store. I will soon be recommending you :)

As usual, the work is perfect. I sincerely thank you for your professionalism. I highly recommend you 100%.

Key Points

Why should you create an SEO-optimized WooCommerce store?

Brief Definitions

WooCommerce is an extension of WordPress, the most popular Content Management System (CMS). It allows you to create and manage your products, handle orders, and automate payments. It is used by numerous companies and individuals.
As for SEO (Search Engine Optimization), it is the technique of driving free traffic to your store. This is highly beneficial as it can positively impact your revenue without investing in paid advertising.

Having a WooCommerce store offers several advantages that should not be overlooked.

What are the advantages of having a WooCommerce store?

☑️ Cost Advantage: WooCommerce is perfect for businesses of all sizes that want to manage their business independently and have a limited budget. Unlike other alternatives, you will receive a free domain name.

☑️ Perfect for SEO: WordPress has been designed to facilitate SEO optimization of websites. It gives you full control over all aspects of your organic search engine rankings. It is worth noting that the SEO optimization of WordPress sites depends on the quality of content, SSL certificate, and plugins.

☑️ Unique Customization: There are numerous themes available that can meet your design expectations. The most interesting aspect of using WordPress is the page builders like Elementor or Divi, which allow you to achieve exceptional results in a short amount of time.

☑️ Security: WooCommerce provides a secure solution for online transactions. It is compatible with various secure payment gateways (Stripe, PayPal, etc.).

With the largest content management system, WordPress, your store has a higher chance of better search engine rankings compared to most online stores. In 2023 and in the years to come, SEO-optimized E-commerce stores will stand out from the competition through organic traffic directly from Google.
Here's an example for you!

Let's take a small example. Suppose you want to create an online store to sell physical products. Since you have no programming knowledge, you choose a Content Management System (CMS) to build your website. For this purpose, you choose WordPress because it is highly customizable and the most cost-effective CMS available. Understanding the importance of SEO optimization nowadays, you decide to create a WooCommerce store that is search engine optimized. To save time and ensure the final quality of your E-commerce store, you hire a web developer.

After a certain period, you notice that your E-commerce store is attracting a lot of qualified visitors who are not hesitant to make purchases. This is largely due to the quality of your content and the SEO optimization efforts you have put into your website.

In summary, with your online store, you have professionalized your business, improved the user experience, attracted qualified visitors from search engines, and increased your profits. It's important to note that all of this has been made possible by having a responsive E-commerce store (adapted to different types of displays) with high-quality design and SEO optimization.

Why should you collaborate with me for your project?

My name is NewGate, and I am here to serve you. As a web developer, I assist entrepreneurs, e-commerce business owners, and anyone with an online presence who wants to take their business to the next level by harnessing the power of organic traffic for their online stores. My services include professional WooCommerce store creation, complete customization of your store, SEO optimization, and valuable advice to help you excel in your business. With my expertise in writing, I can create product pages that are optimized for search engines. Additionally, I have a strong command of the WordPress editor, as well as knowledge in CSS and HTML programming.

By working with me, I guarantee you:
  • Comprehensive support
    I listen to your needs to fulfill your expectations and ambitions. I am flexible and responsive to your correction requests, and I'm ready to offer guidance on what would benefit your business.

  • Timely delivery
    I commit to delivering your service within the agreed-upon timeframe. Every client is a priority for me, and I strive to ensure your satisfaction.

  • High-quality work
    I guarantee a professional and visually appealing store tailored to your specific requirements. My experience and creativity are my greatest assets in helping you achieve success.

So, why should you choose me for your E-commerce or dropshipping store? Simply because I am a competent and experienced professional who dedicates time to delivering quality work within deadlines. In addition to my web development skills, I have expertise in web writing, which represents significant cost savings for you.

For the basic offer of 5€, I provide:

For only 5€, you will receive:

  • I guide you on the choice of your hosting provider and installation of WordPress on your hosting account.
  • Installation of a free theme suitable for your business.
  • Installation of the WooCommerce plugin.
To go further.

I recommend one of the following packages:

Super Pack 80€ instead of 160€
The basic offer for 5€
Configuration of your WordPress account
Configuration of your WooCommerce account
Installation of Elementor Pro with a license for designing your store
Responsive site design (optimized for all screen sizes)
Integration of your Logo
Integration of your Favicon
Selection of a color palette and typography
Integration of your products (up to 5 products)
SEO optimization of your store (meta description, title, site speed)
Installation of 5 plugins for optimization
Creation of pages (product, contact, order tracking, FAQ)
Integration of the Main Menu
Integration of the Footer Menu
Graphic design for your store (images, gifs)
Installation of SSL certificate
10 revisions
Super Pro Pack 250€ instead of 500€
Includes features from the Super Pack
Integration of additional products (up to 10 additional products)
Writing of optimized product descriptions (up to 400 words each)
Creation of policy pages: Refund Policy, Privacy Policy, Shipping Policy, Terms of Service
Creation and integration of a blog section
Integration of trust badges
Integration of ten customer reviews to increase trust
Integration of urgency elements
Free 2-hour consultation call on Comeup (advice, goals)
Unlimited revisions

Note: Regarding the legal pages (policies), you must provide me with their content as it involves legal matters. However, I can provide you with a template that you can fill in with the necessary information.

Additional Options
Integration and configuration of a blog section
Addition of 5 additional products
Addition of 10 additional products

🔍 What do you need to create a WooCommerce store?
To create a WooCommerce store, I will need your logo, favicon, product photos, access to your WordPress account or hosting provider, etc.

🔍 How will the delivery process work?
Once the work is completed, I will inform you so that you can access and manage your online store.

🔍 Is it possible to make revisions?
Yes, it is possible to make revisions to your online store. I am available to make any necessary modifications to meet your needs.

🔍 How can I optimize my WooCommerce store for SEO?
To optimize your WooCommerce store for SEO, you can use techniques such as optimizing titles, descriptions, and tags for your pages and products. You can also use SEO plugins to help improve the visibility of your online store on search engines. You don't have to worry about all of this as I can take care of it for you.

🔍 What do I need to have an online store?
It is important to have web hosting and a domain before considering creating a WooCommerce store. I will provide you with advice to make the right choices.

🔍 How do I create my online store with WooCommerce?
Leave that to me, I'll handle everything for you.

🔍 Will my store be compatible with tablets and mobile devices?
Yes, absolutely. WordPress is well optimized for mobile and tablets. With my expertise, your store will be responsive and user-friendly.

🔍 How many revisions can I get?
It depends on the chosen package.

Do you have any other questions? Feel free to contact me. I am available 24/7 to address all your concerns.
It would be a pleasure to work with you.


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