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🚀 How your visitors will become your customers with a sales page that really converts.

If you're here, it's because you know how much a good sales page can drive your business.

Let's face it, this is the success story of many an entrepreneur, and it can be yours too.

If when your target prospect walks into your sales page, you want them to :

✅ Feel like you understand them and that they can trust you or your product to fill their need?

✅ Can identify with the story told on the sales page, that he will gain confidence and adopt you?

✅ Be transported from the beginning to the end of your sales page in a hypnotic way and he pulls out the blue card?

Can I assume the answer is "YES"?

I'm not reading your mind (not yet 😁), but understand that...

🖥️ Our Marketing Agency has studied and written over 50 sales pages on different projects and niche, in digital marketing.

At Akapana Agency, we are located at the crossroads of several fields (SEO, E-commerce, copywriting, social Ads, etc) where competent AND passionate people work in chorus to make the visibility and sales of its clients take off.

⭐ On the ComeUp platform it's more than 120 clients accompanied since October 2021. As the statistics on our profile show, we do everything possible to ensure positive and qualitative results.

👉 See statistics at Akapana Agency 👀

🛍️ Your sales page is your storefront.

⚠️ IMPORTANT NOTICE: No one buys from a run-down store. If your sales page is poor looking, you're not likely to see customers.

🌐 But on the flip side, a beautiful sales page is not enough to get sales off the ground. That's the "form." But without the form, the rest can't follow. "But then, what makes my competitor's sales page explode its sales counter?"

✍️ It's the substance. The text, or rather the copywriting: the power of the emotions and desires its words convey.

If reading your sales page makes your prospect feel like they are :

✅ Understood
✅ Supported in his struggle
✅ Consoled in times of trouble
✅ Boosted in times of trouble

Then you become The Solution.

Not only do you gain a customer, you gain a fan.

❤️🔥 And who says fan, says buyer of all your products!

Now, I think you get it:

👉 A sales page should be written with careful word choice and wording.

💸 Why investing in a professional copywriter for your sales page is a stroke of genius?

📚 Today, the majority of people who write their sales page know little or nothing about copywriting and in this mass, only a few pages stand out.

Now imagine that you come out with a page that will capture the reader's attention until the end, while leaving a strong impression that will only lead them to one thing: buy you and what you offer.

If your prospects realize that they are not alone and that you understand them, you capture their imagination. And if you capture their imagination, you capture their heart. 💘

💥 [LAUNCH OFFER] -30% on your sales pages only for the first 10 persons. Check to see if there are any spots left ⬇️

❤️ They trusted us before you!

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🔰 For the basic service at 50€, I will write or correct a 200 words text for you with copywriting.

💸 PACK: SALES PAGE - 250€ / 300€
Powerful & catchy headlines** to arouse curiosity
Powerful & eye-catching titles** to arouse curiosity
Persuasive & hypnotic writing
Researching information about the target customer
Highlighting the benefits of your offer
Advanced copywriting method to make the offer irresistible
Optimized call to action implementation
Number of words: 1000 words
Unlimited retouches**
Strategic call** of 30 min via the 5euros.com platform
📢 PACK: AD COPY - 80€ / 100€
✅ Analysis of customer avatar
Call to action** irresistible
Hypnotic text** with a persuasive focus
Creative** (images, photos, thumbnails)
Unlimited touching**
Number of words: 250 - 300 words
Strategic call** of 30 min via ComeUp platform
Powerful & catchy titles to attract curiosity
Captivating storytelling** to provoke emotion
Persuasive & hypnotic writing
Researching information about the target customer
Highlighting the benefits of your offer
Advanced copywriting method to make the offer irresistible
Optimized call to action implementation
Unlimited touchdowns**
Number of words: 500 or 1000 words
Strategic call** of 30 min via the ComeUp platform
✅ 500 words / 1000 words

💡 Now I want my sales page to convert many more leads into customers. How do I do that?

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⚠️ If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask me for more information. We will be happy to answer you.

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