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Increase your company's visibility with a high-impact WordPress showcase website.

Get your professional, SEO-optimized, responsive and secure showcase website in just 24 hours.

To develop your online business in 2023 and in the years to come, attract new customers and generate more sales for your company, having a professional, optimized showcase website has become essential for boosting your business thanks to the Internet.

You're not sure about your budget, yet you need a simple, professional WordPress website, but above all one that's professionally designed for good Google and other search engine rankings, but most of all one that's delivered in less time than the competition on the ComeUp platform, then I'm the right person to help you.

But surely you think that a website is too expensive a luxury? Or perhaps you don't think you need one?

Then think again, because my goal is to provide you with a WordPress showcase website tailored to your needs, whatever your budget.

Let me tell you why I'm the right person for the job.

I've been passionate about tech and programming since I was very young. In fact, I've been helping businesses and individuals to succeed for 5 years now, by offering increased online visibility through an optimized website or online store using Wordpress and WooCommerce , Wix and Prestashop.

Think you don't need a showcase website for your business? Here are a few reasons to change your mind:

Promote your business to new customers
Creating a showcase website gives you the online presence you need as a professional.

A showcase website is your virtual business card for presenting your business and services on the Internet. A virtual map that can be consulted 24/7. It's hard to beat that!

In today's world, a professional is simply expected to have a website. And it's no coincidence that 92% of customers go to Google to find a professional.

Last but not least, a professional website is a real asset for word-of-mouth. The reflex of people who hear about you is always the same: type your name into Google. If your website meets their expectations and reassures them, you gain points over the competition, and multiply your chances of being contacted for an appointment, a quote request, etc.

Stand out from the competition, one step ahead
Creating a showcase website is an excellent way to stand out and manage your professional image online.

A professional website is a simple way to present your business in your own words. To convince a web surfer to call on you and not one of your competitors, you need to inform them as clearly as possible about your business, who you are and what your services will do for them.

When you create your showcase website, take the opportunity to create a world that reflects you, makes an impression and is perfectly adapted to your business.

Professionalize your business with a top-notch showcase site
As a professional, you need to demonstrate your expertise to remove any obstacles or doubts that may arise in the minds of your potential customers on the Internet.

To do this, we strongly recommend that you include the following elements on your showcase site:

✅ Proof of your training or certifications, especially if you're a healthcare or legal professional.

✅ Photos of your achievements or images that showcase your products.

✅ Testimonials from satisfied customers to demonstrate the effectiveness of your services and know-how.

✅ Reviews and ratings using a dedicated platform like Trustpilot or your Google My Business page (soon Google Business Profile).

✅ Logos from partners, suppliers you work with or customers who recommend you.

To avoid ruining your credibility, also remember to pay attention to spelling and grammar throughout your wordpress site.

Be visible on Google search engines
If you want to find new customers, your site must be visible on Google, the most widely used search engine in France (over 90% market share).

Make it easy to get in touch with your customers
A showcase website is a real springboard for developing your online presence. However, once customers have decided to book an appointment with you, or request a quote, they need to be able to do so easily and intuitively.

To achieve this, you need to respect certain best practices by including the following information on your showcase website:

Your contact information

A "Contact" page with a form to fill in

Clickable call-to-action buttons to prompt the visitor to perform a specific action (make an appointment, call you, download a document, etc.).
What you get for the basic offer of 5 euros :
✅ WordPress installation on your hosting provider

✅ A Main Menu configuration of your website with 5 empty pages

To go further: here are some of my PACKS


✅ This is a showcase site with one page that brings together all your information:
About us, missions, services, contact information and contact form


✅ Attractive, well-designed home page adapted to your graphic charter
✅ Service page with details of what you do
✅ Contact page with a contact form and your company's contact information
✅ Custom header and footer for a great look

What you need to send me to build your WordPress showcase Website:

Access to your hosting space or WordPress

✅ Contact information to be displayed on your website and contact page.
✅ Fill images and texts

Or write to me directly on ComeUp Chat and I'll get back to you very quickly.

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