Audio editing

Just as a high-quality photo is enjoyable, a clean, corrected, and well-mixed audio recording with the correct editing delights listeners during every listen.

It’s necessary to work on audio tracks with a tool with specific functionalities for audio mastering, mixing, and editing to obtain high-quality sound. Using free software won’t be enough. Each engineer has followed specific training and courses. They know their audio editing software perfectly to realize your edits like in the studio.

Whether you need a simple audio track cleanup, mix a recording with music, or master an audio editing production, our experts will upgrade your file. Our experts will do all the work to optimize your file. Use one of ComeUp’s music producers to optimize your content.

Sign up on ComeUp and benefit from professional services in audio editing available to complete your audiovisual project and that have all the tools and expertise to deliver the best work possible.


Mixing & sound effects

Are you done recording and editing your audio file? It’s time to move on to the next step, mixing to optimize the listening of your creation and balance the sound of all your tracks in your music piece. In addition to editing a homogenous version, you can choose an option to integrate effects or unify the sound level between instruments and a voice. With the help of the best tools, our sound engineers and music producers process your files with a professional studio’s quality to edit a harmonious rendering that delights listeners.

Forget about downloading an app or editing software, create a free account on ComeUp, and find the service offer that answers your needs. ComeUp is the platform that will help you complete your projects perfectly.


Audio editing of your sound recordings

Downloading an audio montage without software. The service you’ve been looking for all this time. On ComeUp, music producers and other sound editing professionals edit your audio files for the best price. With the musical style of your choice and the best editing software for Mac or Windows like Audacity, Ocenaudio, or Wavepad, our sound editors will handle your audio production.

Adding special effects, suppressing noise, or composing a song, our freelancers are your experts for the audio editing of your YouTube video or videos destined for other platforms. Are you offering to download files on the web? Editors will edit your sound recordings with the features you need. From assembling all the audio tracks to adjusting your voice's sound level to integrating a piece of music, all options are available on ComeUp. With a quick and easy ordering process, all you have to do is upload the audio creation of your choice, especially the one your users will like.


Online audio mastering

This is a crucial step to having high-quality audio production. Audio mastering is a job that consists in structuring your audio recording to edit a version that offers enjoyable sound on all supports. Mastering your audio files offers a pleasant and attractive experience to users who listen to your music, podcasts, and other audio formats.

Forget your editing software like Adobe or GarageBand, the montage and editing tool you need is in the hands of professionals who know how to use it perfectly, like music producers on ComeUp. Choose high-quality for your piece with a professional mastering service offer starting from $5 online.

Opt for a captivating video editing service as well to captivate your viewers and listeners alike. Video is one of the communication tools that offers the best results and allows you to propose online content to your audience. Order service offers from some of ComeUp’s best professionals to get great results quickly and efficiently.

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