Improving your website traffic, optimizing your business plan, and realizing precise targeting on Facebook or Instagram. Let a ComeUp professional do the hard work for you! ComeUp is a service specialist that puts hundreds of qualified freelancers at your disposal to boost your business. Get access to a new process that gives you access to many freelance business managers with experience to complete your project. They set all the necessary steps in a step-by-step list that can be executed in a seamless process.

Are you looking for someone to teach you how to build a viable and organized business plan? Do you need to make a Powerpoint quickly but don’t know how to use Powerpoint? Your general sales conditions are not ready? All of these points are important in business, and you can’t manage everything. Use professional business managers from ComeUp to realize a high-quality job for you. ComeUp is a platform that proposes services starting from just $5. These diverse services help you boost your daily activity. You’ll see that you can find all sorts of business options on ComeUp to help you optimize your business. It’s your turn to choose a service depending on your needs. Place an order online in just a few clicks.


Creation and Development

Creating a clear graphic identity and adapted content redacted to inform and convince is the first step in your Business activity. You may be in need of new innovative ideas that really make a difference. A creative manager can advise you on the best wording to use depending on your business sector. You can also use a graphic designer to design a logo that speaks to your audience. Use qualified freelancers on ComeUp’s website in just a few clicks. There are many things you need to do to start developing your activity. Create a business plan to estimate the viability of your business. Conduct a market study to compare your business to competitors and find your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. A SWOT analysis can give you a good idea of what you need to do to succeed with your business. Hire a freelance business manager that can help guide you or work alongside you. Use ComeUp professionals to build a solid foundation for your business!

Complete all your business projects with a freelance business management expert with lots of experience and all the necessary skills to do a great job. You can learn from them so that you'll gain the necessary experience to conduct management projects on your own in the future. If this is something you want to learn more about to become a better manager yourself, you have access to training offers on ComeUp. Improving your management skills is invaluable for you in the future when you decide to hire more people and grow your team. The necessary experience can ensure you put your employees and teams as a whole in a position to succeed.



Being visible and active on social media and knowing how to stand out on the different communication mediums while respecting the rules and codes of each platform can be challenging. Communication is the tool that lifts your business. So you should seriously consider your communication strategy well. At some point in your development, you may need a specific service you don’t personally master. Increasing your website’s traffic, boosting your SEO results, and redacting a perfect press release. There are so many options you can use to help you achieve success. You can access all these competencies you may not have yourself. Thanks to ComeUp, you can hire talented and experienced freelancers that propose all types of communication work.

Improve your marketing and communication thanks to marketing managers who know the necessary operations to conduct to create, manage, and optimize campaigns on your key account platforms like Facebook for example. The marketing manager you find automates and creates successful campaigns. They can also improve your email marketing or create your account for an email platform if you don't have one yet.


Customer Service

It’s essential for your business’s success to be responsive to your customer's needs and questions. It allows you to reassure your customers, communicate, and build strong relationships between them and your brand. That’s why you always have to listen to your clients in addition to being responsive to their needs. Multiple services are accessible on our website in order to boost your customer service. Making calls and teleprospecting, virtual assistance, managing your online chat or customer service, searching for specific prospects, and so on. To give your customer service a big boost, there are many possibilities on ComeUp.

On ComeUp, you’re in charge. Depending on your business needs, you can opt for a specific high-quality service that unlocks a situation rapidly. Our freelance partners are all experienced and put their competencies to your service. It’s your turn to consult their offers to discover their experiences, and skills to decide on the best service for you. Check the freelancer’s profiles, offers, previous work, and reviews to choose the best person for the job. Order online directly in just a few clicks and take advantage of personalized services with the fastest delays. Our service offers start from just $5, an accessible rate for all.

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