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Are you publishing an ebook, a paperback, or Kindle-formatted content? Don’t waste more time researching how to create a front or back cover. With the correct title, these two elements are the ones that attract readers and make them want to read your text. One of the essential steps before the publication of your book is to create an attractive cover. One that will attract the eye of potential readers and convince them to click. Creating a professional ebook cover requires competencies in design to choose resonating visuals, coherent colors, and attractive typography. If reading in print will always hold an important place in the heart of amateurs, more people are choosing numerical books that are downloadable online easily.

Because the creation of an ebook cover is different from the conception of the cover for a numerical book or a paperback. Use the help of a specialist book designer that will accompany you in the publication of your book. From $5, call on a professional’s services that proposes the creation of ebook covers, with the image that will highlight your content destined for the paper format, a numerical format, or even Amazon.


Ebook covers, paperbacks, and novels

Paperbacks, ebooks, novels, whatever format your book may be, find the conceptualization service for your book’s front and back cover. The graphic designers on ComeUp offer creative services for book covers with attractive visuals. The ones that catch and retain attention and that create desire.

You have the right ideas, but you’re not a pro at copywriting? If the design of your ebook cover has to be spotless, you should also consider that your content has to make people want to go on reading until the last page. Take advantage of a web copywriter specializing in copywriting for ebooks.


Amazon KDP & Kindle format

Do you want to sell your ebook on Amazon KDP? Our experts are at your disposal to create covers for your numerical book adapted to the Amazon Kindle format.

To be a part of the top sellers of the Kindle Ebooks category, you have to have a visual that stands out and separates itself from other covers. Are your cover images for your Kindle formats ready? It’s time to start publishing your works. Gain visibility and make sales by entrusting this step to a freelance Amazon KDP expert who knows how to captivate online readers.


3D cover mockup: the marketing tool for authors

For an ebook’s sales to take off, whether it’s a numerical book or a paper one, you need to put in place a digital marketing strategy where the design takes a central part. The 3D mockup for your ebook cover will allow you to have successful visual communication, attract new readers, and convince people to download or buy your book.

It’s an important tool to convince the editors with an attractive high-quality visual that represents the author that you are.

Do you finally have the perfect design and a high-quality ebook cover? Think about correcting your texts. Using one of our freelancers, you can offer the perfect content for your readers.

On ComeUp, you’ll find the best professionals to create and publish a high-quality ebook, from copywriting to the creation of a cover by passing by the presentation and the correction of your ebook.

Gain loyal readers and become one of the top sellers thanks to experts that will accompany you in the self-editing of your ebook or paper book. Contact one of the best graphic designers and join the authors that have chosen a high-quality service at one of the best prices to conceive the book cover of your dreams.


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