I will create marketing personas or customer avatars for effective audience targeting

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Custom Personas to Maximize Your Marketing Strategy
Are you looking to understand your audience? Discover how my marketing personas help you grasp your target's needs.
Do you want to enhance your targeting? How do my personas assist in focusing your marketing efforts more precisely?
Wondering how to engage effectively? Learn how personas create more authentic engagement opportunities.
How to better tailor your message? Find out how personas allow you to adjust your communications for maximum impact.
Want higher conversions? Explore how personas contribute to increased conversion rates.
Explore how personas transform your marketing.
The creation of marketing personas involves crafting semi-fictional profiles representing your ideal customers. These customer avatars integrate demographic data, behaviors, motivations, and concerns. They serve as a reference to guide your marketing and communication strategies, helping you customize your efforts and better understand your target audience.

Benefits of My Service:
Improved Audience Understanding: Buyer personas allow you to visualize your customers, fostering a deeper understanding of their needs.
More Precise Targeting: By identifying key characteristics of your customers, you can target your campaigns more accurately.
More Relevant Messages: Personas guide the creation of messages tailored to the specific preferences of each segment.
Resource Optimization: By focusing your efforts on the most relevant segments, you maximize campaign efficiency.
Increased Conversions: Persona-based campaigns tend to generate higher conversion rates.
Attract, engage, and convert with well-defined marketing personas.*
Tasks to Perform in This Service:
Client Interview: Exchange with you in comeup chat to understand your objectives and needs.

Analysis of the company and current audience.
Definition of necessary demographic and psychographic data.
In-depth Research: Data collection for each persona.

Analysis of market data and trends.
Use of analytical tools to obtain key information.
Creation of Personas: Construction of detailed profiles.

Allocation of names and visuals to personas.
Integration of data to build realistic stories.
Validation: Verification of accuracy and relevance of personas.

Review of personas with your feedback.
Adjustments to ensure accurate representation.
Who Are We?
JL_EVENTS is an agency specializing in E-commerce and Digital Marketing for over three years. Our mission is to support businesses and individuals by leveraging our expertise to help them achieve their goals and skyrocket their results.



Unique and Precise Model
1 profile
2 days

Creating Personas
Advanced and optimized description with analysis tools
1 profile
5 days

Creating Personas
Advanced and optimized description with analysis tools
3 to 5 profiles
8 days

In-depth analysis of your existing avatar
Qualitative analysis report
4 days
What do I need to get started?

I need a clear understanding of your company and its current clients, as well as your marketing goals.
How do you ensure the quality of your work?

I commit to conducting thorough research and validating personas with your feedback to ensure their accuracy.
Who is this service for?

This service is for any business looking to improve its targeting and personalize its marketing strategies.
How does the delivery process work?

I will provide you with a detailed PDF document containing the personas.
Can adjustments be made?

Yes, I have allocated a revision session to adjust personas based on your feedback.
Ready to enhance your marketing strategy with targeted personas? Contact me now to get started!

I will create marketing personas or customer avatars for effective audience targeting

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