Communication is the art of engaging in conversations with clients using a particular media. Much more than a simple marketing tool, it's the work that builds solid relations with your customers.

A communication consultant is a person that creates links between your company and your customers using techniques adapted to your situation. Nonetheless, using a communication agency or dedicating a job to manage this key role requires a consequential budget. One you may not yet have.

And following a course for a few hours won’t give you the keys to communicating well. It’s in your best interest to use a freelance communication consultant with the right skills and experience for your communication and marketing.

Do you need to manage your relationships with your network? Are you looking for offers for the development of online campaigns? Do you need advice on managing your image? The expert that will collaborate with your team is on this page waiting for your message.

On ComeUp, you’ll benefit from freelancers’ experiences as they put their competencies to your business' service. Use a communication consultant to help you execute seamless communication depending on your objectives and budget. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to acquire new customers using a convincing and informative communication strategy on the right channels.

You can create your account in just a few minutes to benefit from all the services available on ComeUp with prices starting from $5.


The communication consultant or the winning marketing strategy

Just like a member of your team, the communication consultant studies your company, your situation, and your activity sector to offer the most adapted digital marketing strategy. From giving communication advice to developing your business by managing your image, the consultant accompanies you each step of your project.

By considering your expectations and the needs of your customers, your consultant creates an efficient digital marketing strategy adapted to your budget. By ordering on our platform, you’ll gain experience from seasoned freelancers to spread your message on the right social media platforms.


Online communication campaigns through social media

Whether you’re taking the first steps with your business or searching for ways to promote your work, our consultants take care of all the different communication steps.

To complete your project, they can accompany you in tasks such as creating ad campaigns on Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and other social media platforms where your audience may be spending time.

The benefits? Place yourself at the top of search engine pages, and increase your presence and notoriety online while gaining qualitative traffic.

Are you looking for actions to increase your customer's loyalty and retention rate? Email marketing is the communication tool you need. With well-established techniques and flows that can be personalized to say the right thing at the right time. Depending on your campaign goals, your consultant will push each customer to click, convert, and buy.

Even if traditional media channels can allow you to reach your objectives, they’re also channels that require a more significant budget, and may not be possible for all companies. Can you imagine the manager of an SME competing with the big groups?

On social media and other online platforms, the same manager has all the chances to separate himself from the competition while contributing to the development of their activity. Grow your company, gain notoriety, and boost your revenue with a wide range of services available on ComeUp.


Managing your image and communicating on social media

If communication allows you to gain qualified traffic to your website, it’s also the strategy to adopt to develop your brand image. Setting up your digital marketing strategy requires using multiple media channels and allows you to consolidate your relations with your prospects, your clients, and generally to reach your audience.

Redact a press release, publish sponsored content, or write a newsletter for your customers. These are all key tasks a professional communication consultant can complete for you. Hand over your next project to a freelance communication consultant and join thousands of professionals delighted by the ComeUp experience.

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