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YOU too CAN get tons of visitors to your Instagram profile with hashtags!

  • Need more exposure and engagement on Instagram?
  • Not sure what the best strategy is for Hashtags?
  • Don't know which hashtags to use?

Then YOU are in the right places!

How to properly use hashtags on Instagram?

Hashtags should be an integral part of your strategy to grow on Instagram, this feature allows users to find your posts even if they don't follow you.

Instagram uses hashtags to categorize your posts in its own feed.

This makes it easier for Instagram's Billions of users to find the posts you share on the social network.

Why is using hashtags important?

Users can follow hashtags, the best posts are displayed in the user's feed, so it's easier for you to gain exposure with a good hashtag strategy.

The explore page (Magnifying Glass button on the application) is closely linked to hashtags, if your publications have the right hashtags, you will have more chance to appear there

My HASHTAGS search service

I analyze your page, your niche, your engagement rate... and I search the best hashtags for your account, example for a travel account:

  1. Niche hashtags (Example: #travel, #vacation...)
  2. Sub-niche/microniche hashtags (Example: #backpacker, #mountain, #climbing...)
  3. Emotional hashtags (Example: #beautifulworld, #beautifullandscape)
  4. Location hashtags (Example: #tokyo, #ilovetokyo, #paris, #nice...)
  5. Hashtags to describe your publication (Example: #sand, #beach, #rock...)

How many hashtags do I get? What does the 5€ service contain?

For the 5€ basic service you will receive 30 hashtags, a guide to use hashtags and a guide to gain visibility by interacting only 20 minutes per day! All the guides were written by me.


60 best hashtags for your account
A ready to use document with hashtags to copy/paste directly.
1 Guide "Interaction in 20 minutes a day to gain visibility" (5 pages)


Generate the best hashtags in one click with an Excel file
All the best hashtags for your account
A ready to use document with hashtags to copy/paste directly.
1 checklist to follow to boost your Instagram account! (5 pages)
1 "20 minutes a day to gain visibility" guide (5 pages)
A winning Instagram marketing strategy in 9 steps to outperform your competitors (14 pages)

What do you get at the end of the service?

You will receive an Excel document with the hashtags:

  1. The number of posts in each hashtag
  2. The engagement rate of the publications in the top 9 hashtags
  3. The probability of appearing in the top hashtags (low, medium, high)...

You will also receive:

A ready-to-use document with hashtags to copy/paste directly.
A guide on how to use hashtags and a method to overtake your competitors!

P.S.: With Express delivery, you become a priority for me and I deliver within 24 hours!

Do you have any questions?

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about this service or Instagram.

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