I will automate your repetitive tasks/business processes using Zapier or Make

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Automating your tasks will allow you to save time and increase efficiency

Let the internet do the work for you and focus on other priorities.

Hello dear customer,

👉 Are you looking for a way to automate your repetitive tasks?

👉 Do you need to spend less time on low-value, repetitive tasks and focus on high-value tasks?

👉 Would you like to integrate Zapier into your existing productivity system?

✅ If yes, you are probably in the right place.

Why is automating your tasks with Zapier so good?

💡 Zapier is a web application that allows end-users to connect the online tools they use and automate workflows.

It is often described as a translator between Web APIs, helping to increase workers' productivity by saving time through automating recurring tasks and business processes such as lead management. It supports more than 5,000 online applications such as
Google Sheet,
Snov io,
Facebook Lead Ads,
Zoho CRM,
OpenAI GPT-3 (ChatGPT), etc…

✅ Zapier acts as a bridge between your applications, allowing you to add, modify, or transfer data between them. For example, we can automate the tedious manual copy-paste operations between your different applications, or notify you a few minutes before each appointment. We can also automate complex and optimized scenarios involving multiple online tools for your business.

So, how does it work?

By detecting an event on application X, Zapier triggers one or more actions on application Y. Here are some concrete examples that present the correspondence between detected events and triggered actions, we call it ZAP: "Trigger" → "Actions".

  • "Every Instagram post" → "Also publish on a Facebook Page"
  • "Every day at 07:00" → "Generate a quote with ChatGPT and post on Telegram"
  • "Every article written by ChatGPT" → "Automatically count the number of words in the article"

⏫ A ZAP has a trigger and an action at its core.

What is Make.com?

Make, formerly known as Integromat, is a software that is among the leaders in No-Code automation. The tool features an ergonomic infrastructure including innovative features. Powerful and fast, Make allows you to automate your tasks and connect your external applications to offer more efficient daily management. It is a good alternative to Zapier.

🔹 On Make, we talk about Scenarios instead of Zaps.

There are many other automation platforms that I can easily work on such as:
Automate Io,

Why choose me to create your zaps?

As a computer scientist, web and mobile developer by training, I easily understand how web applications work, even the most recent ones. I am capable of analyzing your needs and proposing highly optimized scenarios. In case you are not exactly sure what to automate, I can help you just by learning about the tools you use for your productivity and proposing possible automations.
I am efficient and professional. My greatest passion has always been automation. I use it extensively in my business.

What I offer to beginners

If you don't know how to use Zapier or Make, I propose to give you a 30-minute coaching session on Zoom. During this coaching, I will help you get started with the chosen platform and create a test Zap (Scenario).

My Zap maintenance service

I offer a 30-day Zapier or Make account management option where I take care of fixing any bugs on existing zaps and create up to 3 new zaps on demand during the 30-day period.

What you will get for 5 euros?

In exchange for 5 euros, I offer a complete service that includes creating your Zapier or Make account for you, analyzing your business, and providing you with an exhaustive list of different automation scenarios (Zaps) that you can use to set up your first Zaps independently.

1 Basic Zap (One trigger → One action) 20€
2 Basic Zaps (One trigger → One action) 25€
3 Basic Zaps (One trigger → One action) 30€
1 Zap with more than two steps from the Zapier library 50€
1 Custom Zap with formatting/filtering operations and as many steps as needed 100€
2 Custom Zaps with formatting/filtering operations and as many steps as needed 200€
3 Custom Zaps with formatting/filtering operations and as many steps as needed. 275€
6 Custom Zaps with formatting/filtering operations and as many steps as needed. 500€
Zapier or Make.com account management and maintenance of your existing zaps for 30 days 500€
30-minute Zoom training session to show you the basics of how Zapier or Make works 30€

Don't hesitate to contact me if you need clarifications or have any questions. I am available to answer and help you.

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Thank you JP for the automation, always available and in a good mood. If you want to save time in your business, use his services

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