I will improve seo ranking with high quality backlinks in English

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Do you want to boost your website organic research ? Do you plan to improve your company’s online visibility ?

By making strategically inbound links that point to your website content, So that more people get what they need, quickly and easily. Hence, you will for sure get more exposure on the Internet.

Why do you have to work on the popularity of your website (Netlinking) ?

Building backlinks is an effective process which increases the visibility of your website, but it have to be of high-quality. Building high-quality and relevant inbound links that point to your website, makes your visitors want to buy your products. And makes you look like an expert in your business field.
Also, you can boost the ranking of your content pages on search engine results (SERPs), strengthen your social status in your business, and build a better user experience for visitors. Thanks to the netlinking internet users find what they need quickly and easily.
To sum up, high-quality netlinking helps you earn and retain customers!

What is a Backlink ?

A backlink is basically a hyperlink in a website and points to another website. Also known as "inbound links", backlinks are built to improve a website's search engine ranking (SERP). Backlinks are created when a website links to another. When a website points to another one, it makes the second website relevant and trustworthy. It’s like the first website grants the second one a "vote of confidence".

What is a Dofollow link ?

A "Dofollow" link is an HTML link attribute that makes search engines robots follow the link and relay "link juice" from the source page to the target page. This kind of links is beneficial for websites that rely on backlinks for their Search Engine Optimisation.
Besides, the fact that other websites point to yours using a Dofollow link strengthens your website’s authority and makes it trustworthy for search engines.

The positive effects of Backlinks on your website:

Organic traffic growth:

One of the main benefits of having Backlinks is the traffic growth. The fact that other websites point to your content shows to search engines that your website is authoritative and deserves a better ranking in their SERPs. This increased visibility attracts more visitors to your website.

Improve search engine ranking:

Backlinks are also one of the main elements that improve SEO ranking. The more you have backlinks coming from quality websites, the higher your website will rank in the SERPs.

Improve brand awareness:

As your website gets better ranking and earns more traffic, this will improve your brand awareness. More people will recognise your business, products or services, which leads to **more sales and conversions. **

Improve customer satisfaction:

Users coming from a well optimised webpage with quality backlinks are likely to be impressed and content with what they discover. This helps you make better customer retention and generate referrals from current customers.

How are the backlinks going to be featured?

After doing serveral tests and creating innovative approaches, I am able to offer you quality backlinks at a competitive price. Within my current strategy, getting quality links is easier and more profitable than ever!
I build high-quality links. Because they take into consideration the necessary standards and criteria:
• These links are related to your theme and are structured by an artificial intelligence system. Backlinks may seem strange to a human reader, but will be perfect for search engine optimisation.
• For instance, if your website’s language is English, the content of the links will be written in English.
• These links are unique and especially built for you. They are established on exclusive webpages that do not lead to other websites.
• My links are posted on authoritative sites such as blogging platforms with a DA score between 30 and 90.
The links are 100 % Dofollow, mainly if your site already contains Nofollow links. If you want to have Nofollow links, please let me know via ComeUp messaging area.
• To reach better results and create the best impact, it is recommended to build half of the links with targeted anchor texts and the other half with untargeted ones.
• Please know that I select the sites carefully and thoroughfly. As long as it concerns my private group of websites which I use to promote my PBN.
• As I put my skills and knowledge to use to your benefit, I proudly assert that none of my clients have ever complained or been hit by a Google penalty so far. This proves my ability to generate persuasive results for my clients.
Another thing to confort you is that my links are 100 % effective and avoid you a Google penalty. So, if you need high-quality backlinks to improve your website's SEO, I would be more than happy to provide you my services.

Boost your visibility as of today, by building valuable backlinks!

✦✦✦ What you get for 10 Euros ?✦✦✦
For ONLY 10 €, I will make 50 Backlinks displaying a content 100 % in English which is associated to your domain (If your website is about Football, I will produce articles talking about sports in general).
Nevertheless, if you want me to post articles talking about your theme, please choose the option "post articles compatible with my content". (In this case, if Football is the main theme of your website, I will publish articles about Football ).

You may also ask for articles containing pictures and YouTube videos (please check the options below). You can send me as many pictures and videos as you want, you just have to provide me with the URLs of those images and videos.

🚀Pack 1 🚀Pack 2 🚀Pack 3
Backlinks 75 Backlinks in English 150 Backlinks in English 300 Backlinks in English
Price 15 € 30 € 60 €
🔥Pack 4 🔥Pack 5 🔥Pack 6
Backlinks 600 Backlinks in English 1200 Backlinks in English 2400 Backlinks in English
Price 100 € 200 € 400 €

⚠️ **Attention, please: I will mix your anchor texts ⚓⚓⚓ with your URLs in order to get the best natural results, based on Google complexities. In order not to over-target your campaign. Therefore, you cannot ask me, throughout the same order, to choose a specific keyword for a specific URL! For example: Keyword 1 for URL 1.
⛔ Important remark: please note that the articles will be spun (Spinning Content)! The spinning content is a writing technique used in search engine optimisation (SEO). It generates a brand new content from an existing one. Spinning content consists on replacing words, sentences or entire paragraphs with a variety of alternative versions, in order to produce slightly different changes in each spun content. However, spun articles and sponsored articles are not the same!
If you order this service, you agree to buy permanent backlinks. I will not delete those backlinks, in any case.

❓ How to choose the right pack?

In order to choose the right pack, you must take into consideration the necessary quantity of backlinks. This quantity is determined by the intensity of your competitor activity. If you are working in a very competitive niche, you need to pick a pack that offers more backlinks.
Anyways, if you need more information, please feel free to contact me. :)
Please know that if your website needs 1 200 backlinks, do not expect that ordering just 50 backlinks will get you nice results!

Please provide me with the following:

  1. Your URLs: for instance the home page and the deep page.
    ####⚠️⚠️Important:⚠️⚠️: Do not mistake several URLs for several websites! If you want to have other websites, please select the appropriate option.

  2. Keywords ⚓ will likely be targeted and mainly untargeted keywords such as (click here / learn more /URL of your website, etc.).


Reasons to trust me?

**I am a Search Engine Optimisation Certified Expert. I am a holder of the CESEO certificate (certification expert SEO) delivered in 2012 by the SEO-CAMP (Certificate No. 12C-0048) **. To know more about this certificate, click here: https://www.seo-camp.org/ceseo/
I gathered a significant experience over more than a decade of working in the web industry and SEO field. I’ve created numerous websites and conducted multiple website audits.
I would be happy to answer any questions you may have, as soon as possible. So, please do not hesitate to contact me.

?The reason why you should be comfortable ordering my service?

Because of the several hints highlighting the customers satisfaction, i.e:
• I have over 2 000 positive reviews in ComeUp
• I made over 2 600 sales in this platform!
Important remark: I do not accept dating websites, illegal websites, fortune telling and porn websites.

💬Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Can Google penalise my website ?
Answer: No, absolutely not! The netlinking is not penalised by Google. However, this search engine will not take into consideration a poor quality links. Don’t worry, I’ll make sure that Google accepts every used backlink (a mix of targeted and untargeted anchor texts).

Q: How do untargeted anchor texts work ?
A: I always add untargeted anchor texts such as "click here", "learn more", "the URL of your website", etc. In order to generate natural results for Google. The use of only targeted anchors doesn't help your website. Besides, Google can ignore the links, even though it is not a penalty for your website. The best thing to do is to include more than half of untargeted anchors compared to the amount of targeted anchor texts.

Q: This service is about Dofollow links ?
A: The title of my service indicates normally that the ordered links are going to be Dofollow links. In fact, it is better to use a mix of Dofollow and Nofollow links, but if your site already has Nofollow links, there is no need to order or add other Nofollow links. In case your site does not have Nofollow links, please mention it in the chat area.

Q: If I order 150 backlinks, does it mean that 150 different blogs will talk about us ?
A: If we think in a logical way regarding Google, it is better to have less DRs (Referring Domains) than Backlinks! Let's imagine the following scenario: you have an attractive gaming website. Then, internet users start talking about your great website on a gaming forum. Hence, you will get several backlinks from the same website. Besides, since I have multiple blogs, if you order 100 backlinks. These will come from 70 % different websites.

Q: Why Search Console is not reliable ?
A: the Search Console, even though it is a Google tool, takes a significant amount of time to inspect links. In addition, Google does not necessarily take the links appearing on the Search Console into consideration!

Q: Where exactly are posted the links ?
A: I have 2.0 blogs on different blogging platforms, such as wordpress.com. So, I will post there rewritten articles in English (content spinning) in relation to your website’s theme.

Q: What are spun contents ?
A: The content spinning is a writing strategy used in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). The content spinning process generates a brand new content from an existing one. By replacing words, sentences or entire paragraphs with other words or sentences whilst keeping the same meaning. Hence, each spun piece of content contains slight changes. This helps create multiple variations of the original text.

Q: Is spun content and sponsored content the same ?
A: No, spun content is for Googlebot! Whereas, sponsored articles promote your brand for real visitors.

Q: My website is in France, can I get backlinks from “.fr” websites ?
A: It doesn't matter where the links come from! A backlink is still a backlink. The important thing is that the content’s language has to be the same as your website’s. For instance, if your website is available in French, it is better to have a Backlink from a website with French content. In fact, the country code top-level domain (ccTLD: .FR, .COM, .CH, etc.) is not important. However, its content has to be in the same language as your website.

Q: What will be the score range of Domain Authority spots ?
A: I have many blogs. Most of them have more than 50. However, my blogs scores between 30 and 76.

Q: I have 10 websites. Is it possible to order 50 Backlinks and split them into each of the 10 websites ?
A: This is not possible, I regret. Especially for such a small quantity. Please note that the minimum amount of Backlinks that I provide for one website is 50. In your case, you need a different order for each site. Or, just pick in this service an option with the exact amount of backlinks that you need. Which I highly recommend you.

Q: Okay, but can I at least get 10 URLs from the same site ?
A: Of course, you can! But know that I will mix the anchor texts that you give me with the different URLs anyway! Actually, it is not possible to associate a keyword (anchor text) with a specific URL! If this is what you want, please pick the option that you need, as stated in the previous question.

Q: How can I give you the list of URLs and anchor texts ?
A: Easy, send me a list of URLs and a list of keywords (anchor texts) via ComeUp chat area. You can also compile your lists in a TXT file (Notepad) and then send it to me via ComeUp chat area, as well.

Q: How many URLs and keywords can I order ?
A: There is no limit concerning the URLs as long as you stick to the guideline. Whereas there is a limit for the use of keywords. Giving me 100 keywords won’t make sense. Google would consider this as over-optimisation. The best option is to be realistic. So send me your home page, which is the most important page. I also need your website deep pages like categories pages. After that, give me 10 keywords in maximum. So that I can mix anchor texts with the URLs. Hence, the process will seem natural for Google and you’ll get nice results.

Q: I ordered backlinks from you last time, but my website remains invisible on Google !
A: Backlinks represent an ingredient out of the entire SEO recipe! Here, we are talking about the OFF-SITE part. If you neglect your IN-SITE part, your website will always remain invisible on Google, no matter what you do! You need to work on your website contents. If not, be sure that appearing amongst the best on Google won't help your website. As much as if your website doesn't have enough Backlinks. Thus, you probably realize that in order to get better results, you need to create good content and have backlinks.

Q: I developed content on my website. How many backlinks do I need to be in Google top position ?
A: This depends on your competitors and how many backlinks they have. If the competition is tough, don't expect that you can outrank them with 50 backlinks only!

Q: I don't have any idea about the keywords. Can you help me ?
A: Yes, I can. If you scroll into my profile, you can find a keyword research service. This service is also available for clients needing details about their keywords (search volume and word difficulty) before using them as anchor texts.

Q: How long it takes to see results ?
A: SEO takes time, mainly because the competition in your niche plays a role. You have to work on both content and netlinking aspects by choosing the right packs. Now, please note that no one can guarantee you to appear in the top rankings in a specific timeframe. Those who makes you believe this are only selling you nothing but a dream! In order to appear in the first position within a week, you have to spend some money on advertising, like via Google Ads.

Q: In addition to Netlinking, what else can I do to improve my website's SEO ?
A: I sell other SEO services that could help you improve your website's indexation. Feel free to contact me to talk about it. I will answer your questions and provide you with an SEO plan that will improve your website's ranking.

I will improve seo ranking with high quality backlinks in English

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