I will increase web traffic in any country by 100 visits/day and more on your site for 1 month

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The amount of traffic on your website will influence your referencing and will allow you to have a little more point in possible negotiations with your advertising partners, I know something about it because being in the field of referencing for 16 years, I cut my teeth with a cador from the estate.
Traffic is one of the SEO sliders that indirectly contributes to the good positioning of your site in Google.

👉 PRO buyer? Being myself PRO I provide an invoice with Comeup

The service I offer here is complete.
👥 Up to 10000+ visits per day.
🌍A choice of country of origin of the traffic.
〽️The choice of the bounce rate.
Each % more Bounce rate will decrease by approximately as many % visits.
ex: 10,000 visits/day + 4% bounce rate = 9733 visits/day.

⏳ A presence time of 30 seconds (by default) to 5 minutes or random time.
👉 Up to 2 links clicked by these visits.
🔍A choice of the nature of the traffic (**Direct **by default), **Organic **or From Social Network).
📲 A choice of visit devices INCLUDED: Computer (default), **mobile **or random ratio.
🌍The country of visits FR by default and up to 3 more countries (equal distribution of your number of visits ordered)

I propose the self-adjustment of the number of visits according to the time of day of the country chosen to avoid too linear consistency during the day which could penalize you!
😬 Because it would be suspicious to have as many visits at 2 p.m. as at 3 a.m., do we agree?
Please note that the time self-adjustment will be distorted if the choice of multiple countries is in several zones

👉With the basic choice:

  • 100 visits/day
  • 30 seconds/visit
  • 1 link
  • From randomly around the globe
    *during 10 days

The self-adaptability of the distribution of visits over the day is not included in your basic offer.

Note: The results of my service appear in Google Analytics but are not intended to be viewed on Google Adwords or in the Search Console. We are indeed talking about visits via French IP (see "country" section in google Analytics).
Does not convert to buyers.

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