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Want to boost your business with Facebook?

I understand you!

80 million small businesses around the world have a Facebook business page. (Facebook, 2018 - source: oberlo.com)

2 million businesses used Facebook for advertising purposes in 2018. (Hootsuite, 2018 - source: hubspot.com)

Facebook is a must-have regardless of the size of your business.

With your free professional page, and the targeting options provided by the platform, you are almost certain to reach your target audience 🎯.


38 million monthly active users in France. (Digimind, 2021 - blog.digimind.com/fr/agences/facebook-chiffres-essentiels)

An easy-to-use and free platform, with a large user base (from teenagers to seniors) ... Advertising on Facebook is a real business opportunity 🤑.


😎 But what else? With such numbers, I'm in...

You need to capture attention!

Indeed, businesses of all sizes understand the importance of Facebook.

Being active on the platform, they multiply posts, photo and video publications, ...

Ads, they also multiply!

Result: Your target audience is probably already exposed to all these messages 😡. Yes! In addition to the advertising messages that appear in the newsfeed, there are friends' posts, Facebook suggestions, ...

A true information overload. There are so many that your prospects don't even pay attention anymore 🤯.

Your target audience is very busy and cannot be interested in every post. They, therefore, select in a few seconds.

Facebook users click on an average of 8 ads per month.(Wearesocial, 2018 - source: blog.hootsuite.com/en/facebook-stats)

8 ad clicks per month, 2 per week, 0.28 per day. That's not a lot 😰!

In short, you got it. Facebook is a fantastic advertising tool because of the large audience. The possibilities of gaining notoriety and sales are certain.

However, to fully benefit from the platform, you will have to capture your prospects' attention. And you will only have a few seconds to succeed ⏰.

So, avoid investing your money quickly in an ad. Take a few seconds to step back and adopt the right strategy.

“ 🤔 How can I ensure that I have a return on investment and increase my chances?”

The answer quickly becomes evident. It goes through the quality of your visuals.

"OK, but I'm not a graphic designer 😒. I'll just take a free photo, and that will be good enough."

⛔️ STOP !!!

While social media can be fantastic growth accelerators, they can just as easily harm your company's image.

Design is not something you can improvise. Give yourself the means to succeed. Invest to get a real return on investment 💸.

Hire a graphic designer, post ads with attractive visuals, and win the "battle" for your prospects' attention ✌️.

🤔 That's probably the right option, but who can I turn to?

Entrust your advertising to a graphic design pro.

It's hard to know who to turn to. You will invest money and time on Facebook. You want to make sure you have a return on investment 😒.

I understand you!!

Let me introduce myself with a mini-bio 🤓.

🥰 My passions: design and marketing.

💪 My strength: creator of original and customized visuals.

🎯 My goal: your satisfaction.

🤝 My values: quality and professionalism.

✍️ Discover my expertise, my know-how and the reviews of my clients who trust me. Check out my profile now.

OK, the seller seems strong, but such expertise must be expensive... 😰

Starting at only 5€.

I offer 3 packs that fully meet your expectations. Consult the table below and make your choice with confidence.


Basic Offer 🏆Pro Pack 🏆 👑Premium Pack👑
Simple design (Text on a plain color background). Professional design (with Text and Product or Image). Professional design (with Text and Product or Image).
First series of 1 idea. First series of 2 ideas. First series of 6 ideas.
Delivered in JPEG format. Delivered in JPEG format. Delivered in JPEG format.
1 revision included. 2 revisions included. Unlimited revisions.
⛔️ No photo retouching. ⛔️ No photo retouching. ⛔️ No photo retouching.
⛔️ I do not provide photos and images. ✅ I provide images. ✅ I provide images.
⛔️ I do not write ad copy. ⛔️ I do not write ad copy. ✅ I write ad copy on the design*.
5 € 20 € 50 €

*Writing ad copy on the design includes "Call to Action" and keywords on the visual. I will conduct research for the text from your website or social media.

Want to go even further!


🚀 VIP Pack 🚀
Professional design (with Text and Product or Image).
First series of 6 ideas.
Delivered in JPEG format.
1 revision included.
⛔️ No photo retouching.
✅ I provide images.
✅ I write ad copy on the design*.
✅ I write 2 variations of the ad copy or publication (for A/B Testing)**.
80 € 100 €

*Writing ad copy on the design includes "Call to Action" and keywords on the visual. I will conduct research for the text from your website or social media.

**Writing ad copy or publication copy, also known as copywriting, is the catchy text of the publication. It consists of a call to action, emojis, bullet points, etc. (a post of about ten lines). I will write 2 variations so that you can do an A/B test.

You will need to answer these 3 questions:
● Keywords on which you want to position for # (between 2 and 3);
● What action do you expect from your audience (contact, click on a link...)?
● What is the goal of the publication/advertisement?

😌 Great, I found the formula that suits me. And how do I place the order...

How to order?

To place your order, it's very simple!

Just select your package and click on the blue "Order" button.

Once your order is placed, you just have to follow these steps:

● Instructions will appear automatically in the chat on the right-hand side of the screen;

● You provide me with the necessary information to complete the order;

● I validate and start your order;

● You receive your Facebook ad design in JPEG format.

😕 Still hesitating...

Boost your business...

Are you a professional? Do you want to increase your visibility and showcase your expertise 😃?

Offer attractive ads on Facebook, capture the attention of your prospects and hear the cash register ringing 💰.

Used properly, Facebook can take your business to new heights.

Get support from a graphic design and marketing professional to succeed.

👉 Discover my know-how, skills and customer reviews by clicking on my profile.

Before ordering, do you have any questions for me? No problem. Contact me privately by clicking now on the white "Contact" button located at the top right of this page, below my profile picture and statistics.

Ask me all your questions. I'm happy to answer them.

Success has never been so close. You can feel it. Seize this opportunity now.

See you on the other side 😉.

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