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Looking to hire a Google Ads expert to boost your business?
As an engineer by training, I have specialized in digital marketing for over 5 years, focusing primarily on Google Ads where I have been helping businesses of all sizes grow ever since.

Why hire a Google Ads expert?
There are several reasons that require the occasional or ongoing intervention of a Google Ads expert:

You want to start using Google Ads to increase your online visibility and get more leads/sales.
You are a business that does not want to hire a full-time employee to manage your advertising campaigns (Google Ads or other).
You are a digital marketing agency and do not have the necessary expertise in Google Ads to satisfy your clients.
Over the past 5 years, I have helped various profiles with different needs and objectives.

Why is it important to have an acquisition strategy via Google Ads?
Google Ads is simply the #1 search engine and advertising platform in France and worldwide. I am sure you don't want to miss out on this visibility (otherwise your competitors will thank you😎).

Whether you are just starting out on Google Ads or already spending several thousand euros each month, I will be able to listen and adapt to your profile.

⚠️However, I have enough experience with my clients to know that it is often difficult to navigate Google Ads... Between keywords/negative keywords, bidding strategies, and Google's not always optimal recommendations... It's very easy to get lost and burn your budget, making your campaigns unprofitable. Therefore, I offer optimized campaign setup from the start, managing your account as if it were my own business.

Disclaimer: I cannot guarantee results (no consultant can without a thorough study of your industry and your website/landing page). However, I know how to adapt to each business to try to get the most out of Google Ads.

~Have questions? Contact me via chat and let's discuss your project

Why trust me?
➡️Google Partner Certified: This validation of skills from Google is a guarantee for you, as a client, of good quality services provided.

➡️Extensive experience: Over the past 5 years, my Google Ads Manager account has accumulated more than 7 million euros in spending.

➡️Transparency: Unlike most of my competitors, I do not offer campaign creation with limits on keywords or ad groups... Simply because it is counterproductive. If I decide to set up your campaigns, I want them to be 100% optimal, as if it were my own business.

➡️Attentive to your needs: I know how important it is to have good communication when delegating tasks for your business. It is essential for me to take the time to discuss with you before creating or managing your campaigns.

10€ Offer: I will create the property for your Google Ads account
This offer is valid only for people wishing to create a new account that has not been suspended in the past.
If your account has been suspended, please contact me directly via chat to let you know the next steps.

If you are starting out or want to accelerate the growth of your business, I would be delighted to bring my knowledge to your project.

Have questions? Contact me via chat and let's discuss your project!

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Excellent accompagnement dans notre stratégie SEA, Google Shopping et Google Ads.

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