I will create a practical booklet on the essentials to know for your next destination

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Hello 👋🏻

Do you love to travel, but don't have much information on how to discover new places and activities?

🛬 I offer you a service that involves creating a booklet with destination sheets 📃 as you travel, which will give you ideas on how to experience the territory.

🛫 You can find travel lists from Europe to South America, as well as Asia, Africa, Oceania, and North America.

The booklet contains practical advice, tips, and must-see places to visit on-site.

Each booklet includes:

🔸 Country culture.
🔸 Gastronomy.
🔸 Language spoken, currency and economic situation of the country.
🔸 Essentials (what to do / see).
🔸 Beautiful places to visit.
🔸 Budget to plan for.
🔸 Best restaurants to dine in.
🔸 Weather information.

🧭 The information contained in the travel booklet will be consistent with your positioning at the regional level.

The basic offer includes:

💢 A detailed one-page mini booklet.
💢 Choice of 1 destination city / country.
💢 Text illustrated with photos.
💢 PDF format for printing / you can also view it digitally.
💢 Design time: 4 days.




⚡ A 5-10 page booklet for one destination : 20€.
⚡ A 15-30 page booklet for one destination : 35€.
⚡ A 15-25 page booklet for two destinations : 45€.
⚡ A 30-50 page booklet for two destinations : 55€.
⚡ A 20-40 page booklet for three destinations : 60€.
⚡ A 30-60 page booklet for three destinations : 75€.
⚡ A 40-60 page booklet for four destinations : 80€.
⚡ A 60-100 page booklet for four destinations : 95€.

For my part, it will be a pleasure to discover your next destination 🌏
So, don't wait any longer, click now on the blue ORDER button ⬇️
I'll be waiting for you on the other side.

See you soon,

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